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Autotitle 1.0.3

July 16, 2009

This new version of autotitle adds a upper limit for the title excerpt generated by the plugin. This way, if the first sentence of a post does not have any stopper for too many words, the excerpt is automatically truncated according to the limit set by the user.

Here is a screenshot of the options page:

You can download the new Autotitle for WordPress from the WordPress repository.


Stray Quotes 1.9.9

July 6, 2009

This revision addresses few minor issues and makes little changes.
from the changelog:

* 1.9.9 Changed: the way locale files are loaded;
Changed: the way the settings page has to check validity of the URLs (hopefully more accurate now);
Changed: it is now not mandatory to include the variables in author or source links on the settings page;
Added: chapter in the Help page dedicated to solving potential HTTPS problems (thanks to Andy for helping with this);
Fixed: replacement of & char in the links (thanks to Ian for pointing this out).

As always, you can download from the WordPress repository.

So we got to version 1.9.9.
I welcome suggestions on what new feature(s) should version 2 have.
Recently tagging and different layout settings for each widget were asked for. In the past, some asked for the ability to add images to the quotes. If you care, feel free to share your ideas about this. Here or on the plugin main page. Thanks!

I am also looking for translators! They must be willing to keep their localization regularly updated… Stray Random Quotes has only four localizations, some of them (such as Chinese) quite not up do date. So if you’re willing to volunteer, whatever language it is that you know, come forward. Thanks!