Stray Random Quotes 1.8.8

March 16, 2009


— In picture: the new widget options

The new version 1.8.8 of Stray Random Quotes is out, for the moment only available on this blog.
Big changes and improvements this time. From the changelog:

Added: the quotes can now rotate automatically after a given interval of seconds. Added: widgets and template tags can load more than one quote at a time; Added: the loading message can now be customized in the settings page; Added: Croatian translation thanks to Rajic; Changed: the help page has been rewritten in large part. Changed: removed the title options in the settings page, that were useless. Fixed: the loading message does not cause the collapsing of the quote area anymore. Fixed: many minor bugs. This version rewrites most of the code of the core functions, merging a great deal of lines and hopefully making the plugin more efficient.

Grab the new Stray Random Quotes here.


Stray Random Quotes 1.8.5

February 25, 2009

This is a major update. From the changelog:

Added: bulk editing to the management page; added: a dedicated Tools Page where fantastic things can be achieved (such as a bookmarklet and the ability to extend shortcodes to new areas of the blog, which in turn will allow you to have random quotes and words in unexpected locations); added: per-widget and per-tag ability to disable ajax; changed: the way the [random-quote] shortcode works (now accepts much more variables); fixed: pagination of the [all-quotes] shortcode (thanks to frettsy). There are other enhancements and quite enough minor bugs fixed. So much of the innovation with this version is thanks to the suggestions and requests of the users, to them goes my most sincere gratitude.

You can grab it here.

Two important notes: First, please be advised, as the changelog recites, that the random-quote shortcode has changed, and if you used it with variables in the past there’s a chance it won’t work when you upgrade. Consult the Help page from the plugin menu for more.

Second, I know there is a poll open and some of you voted for a new feature (images with the quotes), that is still not implemented. But the thing is, bulk actions where ready and it seemed a pity not to make the plugin public at this stage. Besides, the poll turned out to be not very much voted, and not unequivocal. Also, images with the quotes is a pretty hard feature to implement the way I want it be, so it will take more time.

cool things you can do with Stray Random Quotes

February 25, 2009

Aside of the regular stuff, such as displaying quotes on your blog with as many widgets as you want, template tags and shortcodes, you can do some less obvious things with Stray Random Quotes. Here are few examples:

Random taglines

  • 1) create a series of quotes to be used as taglines


  • 2) make sure you have enabled shortcodes for bloginfo


  • 3) go to the general settings of your blog, and write [stray-random categories=tagline noajax=true disableaspect=true] in your tagline setting, save the settings (note: disableaspect will skip the aspect settings as set in the “how the quotes look” section of the settings page; noajax will disable the AJAX reloading of the quotes. Both settings I highly recommend)


  • 4) now your blog has random taglines.


A post category with a random name

  • 1) create a series of quotes that will go as names for a category


  • 2) make sure you have enabled shortcodes for categories


  • 3) when creating a post, add a new category and name it [stray-random categories=category-names noajax=true disableaspect=true]


  • 4) and so you have a category that, staying the same, randomly changes name nonetheless.


Random words in your template

For example, we might want to use a series of random phrases to invite the user to comment posts. This is just by way of illustration: what follows can be applied to virtually any area of your template where words and phrases are used.

  • 1) create a “leave-a-comment” series of quotes


  • 2) Open “single.php” in your theme folder. For this example I consider the Default theme of WordPress 2.7. Find the line that says You can <a href="#respond">leave a response</a>
  • 3) replace it with <?php stray_random_quote('leave-a-comment',false,'','',true); ?> (For the meaning of these variables, see the Help page on the plugin menu)
  • 4) a random message now invite readers to comment your posts.


A smart blogroll

This is valid for version 1.8.8+ only.

  • 1) Make sure that the option “add a link to the web page as source for the quote” for the bookmarklet in the tools page is checked.


  • 2) As you browse the internet, use the “quote this” bookmarklet to capture snippets from websites and blogs you want to link.


  • 3) add them to a given category, “blogroll” for example.


  • 4) Add a widget to your sidebar set to display a given number of quotes from the “blogroll” category


  • 5) Now you have a blogroll with excerpts on your sidebar, that you can randomize, and that you can browse.


(more to come…)

autotitle 1.0.2

February 24, 2009

…a minor fix to my plugin Autotitle for WordPress.
From the changelog: “Fixed a problem with titles being generated when saving drafts even when ‘enable only when publishing’ was selected.”

don't mess with my poll

February 22, 2009

I recently opened a poll to learn what the users would want for the next version of Stray Random Quotes, but what happened is that someone, apparently very concerned to prevent the next function to be “image uploading along with the quotes”, tampered with the poll.

This someone (from Germany) deleted cookies and changed ip (but not the provider) in order to be able to cast a vote for 24 times in 30 minutes. Since I am not having this many voters on that poll to begin with, the thing was pretty noticeable and obvious.

So, what was I supposed to do, I deleted all the polluting votes from this someone. I will close the poll if I have just a hint of more tampering. Sorry for being so teachery about it, but, you know. It’s my game.

Remains the question: why should it be so crucial what the next function of some plugin is going to be, to make someone go through the motions of deleting cookies, disconnecting, reconnecting, vote and again for 24 times? You see, my life is fairly empty right now. I am laid off, my love life sucks, soon I will be forced to move I don’t know where, and all in all I am kind of depressed (which -ahem- accounts for how much updated are my plugins now). But even my life is not that empty. C’mon.

Stray Random Quotes 1.8.3

February 19, 2009

This is a minor update, and here’s the changelog:

This version comes with German translation, a million thanks to Markus Griesbach for providing it. Also fixed a MYSQL rare bug that caused the random-quote shortcode not to work: thanks to Zarban for the help catching it. For the new functions, such as images with the quotes or bulk editing, things will be worked out for the next major release 1.9. A poll is still open on the plugin page to influence what will be made of it.

a poll for the new Stray Random Quotes

February 15, 2009

Stray Random Quotes 1.8.2 has no known issues and there is no bug fixing in the works. So, before I start working on new functionality I thought I might open a poll to see what the users think about it.
So, here it is:

[poll id=”2″]

Stray Random Quotes 1.8.2

February 11, 2009

Well, this time I am pretty positive that most of the bugs have been killed and, hopefully, a new revision won’t be needed for a while!

So, grab the latest here. And here’s the changelog:

Added: the ability to entirely disable the ajax automation in the settings page. Added: the ability for those who add the quotes directly to the template, to also specify a “next quote” link phrase (see help page). Fixed: the loading of new quotes didn’t work when no categories were selected. Fixed: Switching from “default” category wouldn’t work with new quotes (thanks to AgentSmith for pointing this bug out.) Fixed: weird little things happening when the quotes were loaded not randomly and not from the widget with one category only. Changed: I removed from the set of files of the plugins the “lang” folder since it contained only a copy of the english version. It will be reinstated when someone will finally translate this plugin.

stray random quotes and ajax: 1.8.0

February 9, 2009

This new version of Stray Random Quotes finally comes with ajax support. The end user will be able to fetch more quotes without refreshing the page (ajax on the admin side is in the works for the next future).
From the changelog:

Not only this version corrects the problems of the previous versions but for the first time it comes with ajax automation. For this achievement, many thanks go to the incredible contribution of AgentSmith who with generosity and great ability helped to develop this functionality and bypass the obstacles its implementation represented. Now the user will be able to dynamically fetch another quote and display it on the blog, without refreshing the page.The quote can be reloaded either by clicking on it, or with a custom link. Also, fixed in this version: the widget displaying only its title and not the quote. I eventually came to realize that this was a problem that presented itself when only one group was selected in the widget options: finally I could fix it. Fixed: adding a link to the author or the source compromised the ability of the “add new” page to present the same quote again. The discovery of this bug also thanks to the outstanding contribution of AgentSmith.

Please note that this version 1.8.0 is for the moment released for the users of my blog only and cannot be found on the WordPress Repository. You can grab it here.

stray random quotes 1.7.9

February 7, 2009

ok, 1.7.8 was a disaster, i hope not too many downloaded it or used it much— anyway, the fix is out, hopefully, etc.
here’s the changelog:

Following the crash of the previous version, I am forced to issue another fixing version– In case you were involved in the accident, here’s what happened: wanting to change “groups” to “categories”, I ventured in an SQL operation that in certain cased created a duplicated column… I don’t know why, since in other cases worked without a problem. Doesn’t matter. Furthermore, in version 1.7.8 I changed the names of certain options related to groups, but forgot to do so upon activation. This involved widgets as well. Because of all this, many users reported not being able to browse their quotes and even to display quotes on the blog using widgets. This version should fix all this and also remove the duplicate column in your database. Please deactivate before installing (if you don’t upgrade automatically). To make a clean install, you might want consider removing the old options (using the plugin “remove” tool. I know it is annoying and you don’t really have to do it) and backup the “wp_stray_quotes” table. It is not required but at this point, why not. I must thank for the precious help in (hopefully) understanding this matter: xensen and Andre Camara. Thanks also to Rebecca, Sab Guy, Bonnie and Jason for reporting the problem in a timely fashion.