The WordPress Cabaret

The WordPress Cabaret is a creator of random poetry.
I named this plugin after the “Cabaret Voltaire”, the nightclub founded by Dadaists in Zurich in 1916.
Like futurism, Dada was probably one of the few forms of Art of the first half of the past century that could have performed even better using computers, since those artists loved so much random stuff, graphics, fonts and technology in general.




This plugin is incomplete for now, and it can’t do a lot to entertain you. It can be seen in action here.
For now it creates random poetry out of your posts and comments, and clouds made of spam. I think it can be enjoyable and sometimes even somewhat poetic, or funny.
I thought I was going to work a lot more on it, but it didn’t work out that way.


Extract, upload to the plugins folder of your wordpress install, activate.


Go to “manage” -> “The WordPress Cabaret” and click on the function names.
These functions can be used to include cabaret content anywhere on your blog.
Finally, you are more than welcome to share here in the comments the poetic results this cabaret generated for you.


15 Responses to “The WordPress Cabaret”

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    […] Cabaret is a creator of random poetry. […]

  4. gestroud Says:

    Looks like it might be a fun addition to one of my sites. I’ll give it a try. 🙂

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    […] viel anfangen, aber jetzt habe ich über einen Link bei hor ein nettes Plugin namens ‘WordPress Cabaret‘ (in Anlehnung an das ‘Cabaret Voltaire‘ in Zürich) gefunden, das aus den […]

  6. Tuan Nguyen Says:

    Nice. I can’t wait for the next update.

  7. alper Says:

    Hello there,

    interesting and wonderful work! Keep it up.

  8. ico Says:

    Hey, thank you all guys — i hope I’ll find the time soon to get back to this project–

  9. わーどぷれすっ! » Cabaret Says:

    […] Italy is falling : The WordPress Cabaret […]

  10. Diseño Web Chile Says:

    Sounds nice the Dada nexus with the plug.

    You like Fauvism ?

    Keep the work!

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    […] Cabaret is a creator of random poetry. […]

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    […] Cabaret 可以创建随机的诗篇。 […]

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    […] Hier findet man das Plugin: "The WordPress Cabaret" […]

  14. artimanha Says:

    I like it very much.
    here it is my spam poetry

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    como associamos as notas interessa menos do
    extremamente engenhosas, […] Tentar definir
    a highly drectional
    de arquitectura Reem Ponto de
    much as a doctor
    and the At the same time,
    the basis experimentI
    obras do pintor Norte

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    […] Plugin The Wordpress Cabaret von erzeugt Zufalls Poesie aus WordPress Beiträgen und Kommentaren. Der […]

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