Stray Random Quotes

This plugin allows you to collect and display random quotes and words everywhere on your blog. The quotes can be reloaded with AJAX automation. The plugin is widget compatible, and the appearance of the quotes can be highly customized. It comes with a easy to use management tool and a option page.


  • As many widgets as you need, each with its individual set of options, to display one or more quotes from all or some categories, randomly or in sequence, with or without AJAX, etc.
  • AJAX automation so a reader of the blog can get another quote without reloading the page.
  • Multiuser ready (contributors to the blog can access a limited version of the plugin, adding and managing their own sets of quotes)
  • Optional automatic rotation of the quotes within a given interval of seconds.
  • Shortcodes that can be used to add one quote or series of quotes to your posts and pages. The shortcodes come with a set of individual options as well and, if needed, they can be extended to apply everywhere on the blog, allowing random words for the tagline, the category names, the post titles etc.
  • Template tags to add one or more quotes — random words in general — directly to the template pages. Template tags support many variables as well.
  • A Settings page to customize the appearance of the quotes with little or no knowledge of HTML.
  • A easy to use management page where even thousands of quotes can be handled easily, with bulk actions to change category, delete quotes and toggle visibility of many quotes at a time.
  • A bookmarklet to create quotes on the fly as you browse the web and find text worth quoting.
  • A help page where everything you need to know is explained.

See more cool things you can do with Stray Random Quotes.

Installation & Usage

1. If you don’t upgrade the plugin automatically via wordpress, always deactivate the older version first.
2. Upload the content of to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
4. Now Stray Random Quotes has its own menu. Check the overview page in “Quotes” > “Overview”. All the rest will come naturally.


How the management page works.

How to add a new quote.

A random quote appears in the sidebar as one of the widgets.

Bulk editing in the management page.

The bookmarklet in the Tools page.

The Settings page.

The widget options.

Stray Random Quotes 1.9.9
Other versions available at the WordPress Repository.

* 1.9.9 Changed: the way locale files are loaded
Changed: the way the settings page has to check validity of the URLs (hopefully more accurate now)
Changed: it is now not mandatory to include the variables in author or source links on the settings page
Added: chapter in the Help page dedicated to solving potential HTTPS problems (thanks to Andy for helping with this).
Fixed: replacement of & char in the links (thanks to Ian for pointing this out)

* 1.9.8 Fixed: a small bug caused contributors not to be considered when using AJAX.

* 1.9.7 Added: when contributors are allowed to add and manage quotes, it is now possible to specify whether a widget, a shortcode or a tag should display quotes only from a given contributor. See the help page for more. Changed: Widget layout. Fixed: the link buttons for the author and source fields on the edit page would not work.

* 1.9.6 Changed: For compatibility with other plugins that use similar or too common names for their shortcodes (above all NextGen gallery), the shortcodes of Stray Random Quotes have changed names. Please take note before worrying about malfunctions: random-quote is now stray-random, all-quotes is now stray-all and quote is now stray-id. Please make the appropriate changes everywhere in your blog where Stray Random Quotes shortcodes are used, or they won’t work anymore.
Sorry about this, I hoped and tried to implement a more clever automatic check on the active shortcodes but unfortunatley many plugins don’t register theirs correctly and it is not possible from inside a wordpress plugin to identify them with certainty.
Fixed: some of the settings got reset upon activation because of a comparison based on version number that for unknown reasons did not work. Possibly a PHP bug. I disabled the comparison and the problem should not present itself anymore, although it might cause issues to users who upgrade from very old versions of the plugin.
Fixed: a compatibility issue with WordPress 2.8 in conjunction with other plugins that loaded jquery (as experienced by many with Ozh Admin Drop Menu+Stray Random Quotes). I welcome anyone’s feedback on this since I haven’t tested the fix in all possible scenarios and other problems might be lurking around.

* 1.9.5 Fixed: small bug in the JS AJAX file that caused a error in IE.

* 1.9.4 Added: Stray Random quotes is now multiuser, which means that a contributor to the blog can access a restricted version of the plugin, add quotes, manage them and little else. Please note: this feature will need a one-time manipulation of the quotes table to add a ‘user’ field to it. It is a safe operation but you might want to backup before upgrading. Added: the ability to disable the aspect settings for a given widget, shortcode or template tag, so that where needed (such as with random taglines) the default layout of the quotes can be ignored (more on the help page). Added: Danish localization, thanks to Georg. Fixed: a nasty bug that broke AJAX in firefox, when Stray Random Quotes was the only plugin to load jQuery. Fixed: many more little bugs. A big thank you as always to the users that pointed the bugs out.

* 1.9.2 Added: ability to reset the settings to factory defaults (in the Tools page). Changed: parts of the settings page. Also changed and expanded: the help page (much more readable now) (You must know at this point that there is NOT another wordpress plugin with such a exhaustive embedded help page). Fixed: the [quote] shortcode and the stray_a_quote template tag wouldn’t work with PHP 4. Thanks to Kathryn and Nathan for poiting out this bug and testing the fix. Fixed: Nasty bug that caused the settings in the tools page (such as the bookmarklet options or the shortcode extensions) to be reset whenever the user updated the options in the settings page.

* 1.9.0 Fixed: noticeable bug within the quote shortcode that prevented AJAX and the sequence of quotes to work. Thanks to marc for pointing this bug out. Fixed/changed: parts of the help page.

* 1.8.9 Few bugs fixed to version 1.8.8, which included the following: Added: the quotes can now rotate automatically after a given interval of seconds. Added: widgets and template tags can load more than one quote a time; Added: the loading message can now be customized in the settings page; Added: Croatian translation thanks to Rajic; Changed: the help page has been rewritten in large part. Changed: removed the title options in the settings page, that were useless. Fixed: the loading message does not cause the collapsing of the quote area anymore. Fixed: many minor bugs. This version rewrites most of the code of the core functions, merging a great deal of lines and hopefully making the plugin more efficient.

* 1.8.6 Added: Chinese translation thanks to WGMking; fixed: a rare bug caused by IIS-enabled servers (thanks to Tool).

* 1.8.5 Added: bulk editing for the management page; added: a dedicated Tools Page where fantastic things can be achieved (such as a bookmarklet and the ability to extend shortcodes to new areas of the blog, which in turn will allow you to have random quotes and words in unexpected locations); added: per-widget and per-tag ability to disable ajax; changed: the way the [random-quote] shortcode works (now accepts much more variables); fixed: pagination of the [all-quotes] shortcodes (thanks to frettsy). There are other enhancements and quite enough minor bugs fixed. So much of the innovation with this version is thanks to the suggestions and requests of the users, to them goes my most sincere gratitude.
1.8.3 This version comes with German translation, a million thanks to Markus Griesbach for providing it. Also fixed a MYSQL rare bug that caused the random-quote shortcode not to work: thanks to Zarban for the help catching it. For the new functions, such as images with the quotes or bulk editing, things will be worked out for the next major release 1.9. A poll is still open on this page to influence what will be made of it.

* 1.8.2 Added: the ability to entirely disable the ajax automation in the settings page. Added: the ability for those who add the quotes directly to the template, to also specify a “next quote” link phrase (see help page). Fixed: the loading of new quotes didn’t work when no categories were selected. Fixed: Switching from “default” category wouldn’t work with new quotes (thanks to AgentSmith for pointing this bug out.) Fixed: weird little things happening when the quotes were loaded not randomly and not from the widget with one category only. Changed: I removed from the set of files of the plugins the “lang” folder since it contained only a copy of the english version. It will be reinstated when someone will finally translate this plugin.

* 1.8.1 This version fixes few bugs, mainly concerning the ajax automation where the quotes where loaded twice instead of just once. I also adjusted the transition between quotes, now it should feel a bit better.

* 1.8.0: Not only this version corrects the problems of the previous versions but for the first time it comes with ajax automation. For this achievement, many thanks go to the incredible contribution of AgentSmith who with generosity and great ability helped to develop this functionality and bypass the obstacles its implementation represented. Now the user will be able to dynamically fetch another quote and display it on the blog, without refreshing the page.The quote can be reloaded either by clicking on it, or with a custom link. Also, fixed in this version: the widget displaying only its title and not the quote. I eventually came to realize that this was a problem that presented itself when only one group was selected in the widget options: finally I could fix it. Fixed: adding a link to the author or the source compromised the ability of the “add new” page to present the same quote again. The discovery of this bug also thanks to the outstanding contribution of AgentSmith.
To do for the next versions: bulk editing and ajax for the manage page!

* 1.7.9 Following the crash of the previous version, I am forced to issue another fix — In case you were involved in the accident, here’s what happened: wanting to change “groups” to “categories”, I ventured in an SQL operation that in certain cases created a duplicated column… I don’t know why, since for someone worked without a problem. Doesn’t matter. Furthermore, in version 1.7.8 I changed the names of certain options related to groups, but forgot to do so upon activation. This involved widgets as well. Because of all this, many users reported not being able to browse their quotes and even to display quotes on the blog using widgets. This version should fix all this and also remove the duplicate column in your database. Please deactivate before installing (if you don’t upgrade automatically). To make a clean install, you might want consider removing the old options (using the plugin “remove” tool. I know it is annoying and you don’t really have to do it) and backup the “wp_stray_quotes” table. It is not required but at this point, why not. I must thank for the precious help in (hopefully) understanding this matter: xensen and Andre Camara. Thanks also to Rebecca, Sab Guy, Bonnie and Jason for reporting the problem in a timely fashion.

* 1.7.7 This version should fix the support for UTF8 characters as experienced in the settings page (thanks to Chrille for pointing the bug out). Please give me confirmation on this if you care. There is nothing else: although new things are hopefully cooking for the next versions.

* 1.7.6 Added: ability to manually reset the index of the quotes if the numbers get too high (on the help page). Added: an overriding HTML element to put before the source when there is no author (on the settings page). Fixed: it is now impossible for group names to have spaces in them– because it made things wacky (on the new and manage pages). If you do have spaces in the names of any of your groups, upon activation this version will replace them with dashes (don’t worry about it, everything else will be untouched). Changed: when all the quotes are rendered on a post or a page, only the bottom navigation links will be present. I think the above ones were redundant. If you want them back, uncomment the line 304 in the file stray_functions.php. Changed: Now the user can choose whether after inserting a new quote the values should persist in the form or not (thanks to AgentSmith for pointing this out). Fixed: titles of the pages are a little more explicative. Fixed: when switching how many quotes to show per page, the page number is reset to 1 to avoid false ‘”no quotes yet” messages (manage page). Fixed: few more little things.

* 1.7.5 I had to issue this other update right away for a much bigger bug that I just discovered at my own expenses (the loss of not one but two quotes). In short, whenever a quote was edited in the manage page and then the manage page was changed by sorting or picking a different group, the just edited quote would get emptied of all its content. Yep, you read it right. Hollowed out. I hope this hasn’t happened to anyone else yet because there is no turning back unless you can enter the quote again. Anyway, this version solves the problem. I wish the bugs were discovered all together but this is not how it works.

* 1.7.4 OK, another version right away for a tiny bug that screwed up the creation of new groups for the new quotes: thanks to pupo, James and AgentSmith for catching the bug and saving the day. I also removed the quotes I had placed myself at the top of the pages: at first I thought they were fun, but they were also annoying. Man, I hope this is the last update for a week at least.

* 1.7.3: This version has a new overview page (I don’t know why); a dedicated help page; a more helpful “add new quote” page. It now handles links in author and source a little better, so that a specific link added to the author or source of a quote overrides the defaults indicated in the settings page. It also has a dedicated page for the removal of the plugin, quotes on every page, and it has been slightly redesigned here and there: more importantly it comes with many many fixes, some of which thanks to the help of the users, whom I thank profusely.

* 1.7.1: With this version the list of the quotes in a page or post can be paged (thanks to James and others who reminded me of this missing functionality). Also, the list of quotes can now be generated from one or some or all the groups. Refer to the overview page in the plugin menu for more details. On the fixing front, I solved a problem with shortcodes that were always displayed at the top of the post regardless their position in the post editor. I also might have found a temporary workaround for the “division by zero” problem someone encountered in the management page. I still have to figure that one out though since I can’t reproduce the problem (I suspect it depends on the settings of each one’s php server) so give me feedback on this if you have any. I also made minor corrections to some of the functions and a slight enhancement to the ‘quotes’ menu in the admin area. Some fixing and enhancement on the linking front is still to be made so be patient on that.

* 1.7 I think it is fair to say that this new version of Stray Random Quotes scores as a significative improvement. I could say ‘dramatic’. It comes with new features, such as groups for quotes; a new management page; a new quote editor and much more. Most of the functions have been rewritten and all in all this version is definitively worthed a try. After the update your widget might disappear. Just enable it again in the widget page. I temporarily removed the sketchy italian translation because there was still too much to translate. The plugin is localization-ready and eager for new translators though.

* 1.6.4 WordPress 2.7 compatibility hopefully FIXED. Sorry, the last update was really pointless and not really compatible with anything. Also, I’m having quite a few obtuse problems with connections and computers these days which should explain the delay with this fix. Forgive and forget, he?

* 1.6.3 WordPress 2.7 compatibility.

* 1.6.2 Fixed a compatibility issue with WP 2.6 which caused the available themes to not be displayed (thanks to all the users of Stray Random Quotes who pointed this bug out!). Also updated the layout of the option and manage pages to make them more consistent with the general design of WP.

* 1.6.1 Fixed the fact that the plugin didn’t really considered wordpress 2.3.x users. Now the compatibility is assured, although WP 2.3 cannot use the shortcodes (see ‘installation’). Thanks to gnr for pointing the bug out! I also fixed a pretty significant bug in the first time run of the plugin, where it didn’t insert a sample quote although a message said it did, and I fixed the html code of the management page, it was messed up.

* 1.6 Major update (hence the slight jump forward in numbering): First of all, it takes advantage of the new WordPress 2.5 shortcuts API by adding three different shortcuts to easily insert quotes inside your posts. In addition, it gives you the option to link author and source of your quotes to Wikipedia (not only to Google anymore) in all the major languages. Talking about language, this plugin is now ready for translations so come forward if you’re willing to translate it in your own language. Only english and italian are available so far. This version contains a bunch of minor fixes and code rewriting, and also a few new names for its functions (you shouldn’t notice any difference, but check out the installation instructions).

* 1.53 Hopefully fixed a little mishap with the code that caused the “updated table” message to persist. Also a link that didn’t work should be fixed. Thanks to c for pointing this bugs out. Also, I changed the name of the plugin to make it more to the point.

* 1.52 Finally managed to use “edit” and “delete” links instead of buttons in the list of quotes. Great personal achievement since I was never able to make this simple thing work. More minor fixes.

* 1.51 Minor fixes.

* 1.50 Stray Quotes refurbished in order to work under WordPress 2.5. Apparently it now does.

* 1.48 Corrected a typo that caused the plugin to throw a fatal error when activated. Usual messing up, no comment. While I was there I adjusted the way the plugin updates and creates the new table. It should work more cleverly now (nothing noticeable though).

* 1.47 This is a minor update to the general layout of the option and management pages. Hoping everything is more readable and usable now. Also I corrected the function where the “add new” form would display the content of the last inserted quote. Now the form does not display anything. Let me know if you don’t think this way it is better. Few minor potential bugs hopefully corrected as well. Please be aware that the plugin now comes with five files (three .php, one .css and one .htm) instead than a single .php (which was getting too big and cumbersome to edit). So after you upload the folder with the new files, remember to delete the single file leftover by the old version.

* 1.46 I am really but once again I must update this plugin. Few slipping lines and a inattentive copy and paste caused an atrocious bug in the last version. Instead of editing old quotes it added them as new ones. Should be fixed now. It won’t happen again for at least… a while now — I promise.

* 1.45 Sorry for the many updates. It’s because now I have the time. Anyway this version fixes the general functionality of the plugin where it would do certain crucial things (like updating the table to a new version) only if the management page was opened. Now it does what it has to do no matter what page is opened or not opened. I can’t believe it I haven’t solved this before, but this is how it goes.

* 1.44 As requested, a new field has been added to management page. It is now possible to specify the source of the quote and, in the option page, the relative optional formatting elements. Few potential bugs fixed.

* 1.43 Added a new option to set the default visibility for new quotes. In the options page.

* 1.42 with this update Stray Quotes should discriminate more intelligently the elements that can be added to both the sidebar and the quotes page, so that the page isn’t filled with non pertinent formatting. More details on the options page itself.

* 1.41 corrected a general malfunction in the widget title, where it didn’t handle unicode characters and disappeared from the sidebar or the options unexpectedly. Now everything should work. Thanks to tiosolid who addressed the bug. This is a fix version with no new features, but updating is strongly recommended.

* 1.4 first release. Numbering follows version number of the “Random Quotes” plugin from which my plugin takes its first steps.


665 Responses to “Stray Random Quotes”

  1. Audrey Says:

    Fantastic! I’ve been looking for a quote plugin that will actually work (the only ones I’ve found are for earlier versions of WP.) I’ll give this one a try, and let you know if I have any issues. Thanks!

  2. ico Says:

    Thanks to you Audrey, please do let me know of any issue –or suggestion — you may have with this plugin.

  3. Audrey Says:

    Couple of things:

    *I’m using WP 2.2.2, and it seems like the widget isn’t working for me. (Plain old not showing up.)
    * Same for the added in sidebar code, which I tried placing in my footer to no avail. (for the record, this is an issue I had with the quotes plugin you’ve based this on.)
    *The quotes page works a treat (it didn’t work in the old version of this plugin), but has “Random Quote” over every single quote, and quite a huge amount of padding below each quote. It looks to me as though there isn’t any CSS I can modify for the quotes page to fix this- any thoughts?

    Thanks again for taking up work on this plugin, I’d sort of written it off. 🙂

  4. Audrey Says:

    Wanted to add (sorry for the double post) That the added in sidebar code is currently resting just below my sidebar code in my template, and that I turned off all plugins except this one to make sure it wasn’t a plugin conflict. No dice. Is this simply not designed for 2.2?

  5. ico Says:

    Audrey, sorry for the problems…!
    Actually It’s strange, ’cause I am running 2.2.1 on my blog and the plugin works fine.

    I have tested it also on the 2.2.2 version on a another blog I use for testing, with a standard installation and default template, and it works fine there too.

    So… before you write my plugin off… are you sure you are doing everything right? What do you mean exactly by “just below the sidebar code”? Would you mind sending to me your sidebar.php file with the inserted wp_quotes_random(); function? My email is ico [at] [the famous google email service] .com. I’ll give it a look and try to work the problem out…

    About the quotes page, it spews out the quotes with the custom formatting you set in the option page. I know that that’s meant for the sidebar, and obviously this can cause ugly results in the quotes page. This is a known limitation I really should take care of in the next version. Sorry about it.

  6. TioSolid Says:

    Hi, nice plugin but the widget support is buggy as hell man! When you change the widget title it sometimes appears, sometimes not. if you use unicode like ç or á in the title, it just disappear! While in the plugin admin page, you add a new title, click update and the title box (in the admin page) appears filled with the text you choose. When you refresh your page to see the changes, the title isnt there, and when you check back in the admin page, the title field is empty again o.0

  7. ico Says:

    TioSolid, thanks for pointing this atrocious bug out.
    I hope I corrected the problem. Everything should be okay with this version 1.41 –now available for downloading.

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  10. TioSolid Says:

    Thank you very much for fixing the widget bug! Downloading the new version right now. Just one more thing: Is there any way to let the “Visible: Yes” option, enabled by default?

  11. 2xKnight Says:

    Thanks for the plugin. I’ve been looking for a good way to run random quotes in my header. This is nearly perfect for me. The only thing I’d add would be an optional field that displays after the author if it’s filled in that says where the quote is from.

    Then this…

    “I know you did send me back, but I’m back, back from the future.”
    — Marty McFly, Back to the Future

    Would be this…

    “I know you did send me back, but I’m back, back from the future.”
    — Marty McFly from Back to the Future

  12. ico Says:

    @TioSolid: let me know if everything’s okay with the bug. About the visible thing, you’ll be glad to know that a new version is out with a new option that allows you to do set the default visibility in the option page.

    @2xKnight: I hear you and if I could rewrite this plugin from scratch I’d add that field and maybe others. Unfortunately when I first wrote this plugin I also wanted to maintain a compatibility with the DB table that the “Random Quotes” plugin used, which means that I cannot add a new field in the table without breaking that compatibility. I will look into ways to update automatically an old table into a new one with different fields, but since it is something I have to learn how to do I cannot assure you there will be a solution anytime soon…

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  15. TioSolid Says:

    For updating the table, use the old’ good SQL:

    ALTER TABLE wp_quotes ADD COLUMN name_of_col_here VARCHAR(30);

    And thanks for the new update 😀

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  18. ico Says:

    As you might have realized, the new version 1.44 includes the update requested by 2xKnight, the source of the quote and its optional formatting elements… hope you like it…

  19. Mr.Mark Says:

    First of all i wanna thank you for making us able to finally post our own quotes on the website this easily.

    only one thing … i updated your plugin on my website but apparently the plugin isn’t updating properly. in the new plugin it actually should be displaying “by [author]”, but my plugin still displays “– [author]”. can you help me out here to get this working?

    this issue also occurs when i want to change the plugin file to get the styling better. the plugin apparently doesn’t save the changes.

  20. ico Says:

    @Mr. Mark, I’m sorry for the problem… but I am not able to replicate it apparently. Version 1.44 should save the changes normally, it does so for me. I’ll try to understand the problem better… in the meantime, what you can do is to deactivate and activate the plugin, and then open the management page, since it is this page that causes the update of the table to the new version.
    If you already did so and it made no difference… ugh. I’m working on it.

  21. Audrey Says:

    Hey, sorry to leave you hanging!

    I’d like to install the newest version of this before I panic, but I’m getting a “exceeded PHP limit” warning from your web host when I try.

    Thanks for picking up work on this again, and your concern- I’ll email my sidebar code to you soon.

  22. Audrey Says:

    Okay, I’m back, having managed to get a download of the most recent plugin installed and up. 🙂

    Unfortunately, the Widget still isn’t working for me. I get the title, but no text underneath- check it on the sidebar, under “words” :

    Do you think this could be because it’s still accessing the old database created by the original version of this plugin, from before your work on it?

    For the record, I’m more than willing to troubleshoot this if it gets it working better for the community at large. I’m not quite uber enough to write my own plugins yet, but I love to help out those who are. 🙂

  23. TOm Says:

    Wonderful plugin! I had a minor problem which got solved in the new version, great!
    Another minor one is this: after adding a few quotes of mine, I deleted the default three. Well, now my list starts at 4! Any suggestion?

    Now for the big request 😉
    What may be of good use for whatever reason would be an export-the-quotes function. Like to save the list in a plain txt (or xml or html or csv) file. It’s a good thing to be able to backup the quotes anyway, and it would be great if there was an import function as well (given you can already do it by means of myphpadmin, as explained at

    Thank you anyway!!

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  25. Nick Says:

    Hi, this looks exactly like what I’m looking for but when I try to activiate the plugin, I get the message that “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”.

    I’ve tried de-activating all other plugins but can’t seem to get it to work.

    I’ve got WP set up locally but it should still work, right?

    Any ideas?


  26. ico Says:

    @Nick : You are right. This version of the plugin has a bug — so typical. I also am having problems to find it and kill it actually.
    I didn’t realize it at first because the bug shows itself only to first time users, it must be something within the function that checks and creates the table for the quotes in the database for the first time.
    This function worked fine in previous versions so I didn’t test it when I resealed this. My bad.
    As I said, right now I really don’t understand what’s wrong and what I did wrong here.
    Anyway I WILL solve the problem soon.

    Please come back to check for updates to the plugin. Sorry for this (quite typical) messing up of mine.

    To everyone else who may have this same problem: sorry guys. That’s me. I’m working on it.

  27. ico Says:

    OK, as you can see the problem should be solved now. Everyone who downloaded 1.47 and had problems should try 1.48. No more fatal errors there I hope.

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  29. Sulquendi Says:

    Very nice plugin.

    Only problem i encounter with it is : users need to be admins to add a quote, which is a problem since i’m not the only one to manage them and everyone is used to update them on my former blog 😦

  30. ico Says:

    Sulquendi, what do you mean everyone used to update them? Are you talking about the old “Random Quote” plugin or of an earlier version of my plugin or of some other tool?
    On the blogs I manage no one except administrator can access any of the plugins from the admin interface: it seems wordpress normal behavior. Are you using or have you considered using a plugin to manage what users can or cannot do? There’s some of them out there, like Role Manager.
    If you know of plugins that can be accessed from the admin interface by different levels of users please let me know: I need to know how they do that. 🙂

  31. Sulquendi Says:

    ico, here is what i was looking for : changing “9” into another level of rights like “5” in the code below :

    //build sumenu entries
    function stray_quotes_add_pages() {
    add_options_page(‘Stray Quotes’, ‘Stray Quotes’, 9, basename(__FILE__), ‘stray_quotes_options’);
    add_management_page(‘Stray Quotes’, ‘Stray Quotes’, 9, basename(__FILE__), ‘stray_quotes_manage’);

    Users that can access the WordPress control panel but who are not admins (editors, authors…) can now access the Stray Quotes plug-in, which is what i was looking for 🙂

  32. WebNobbi Says:

    Thank you for this very good plugin! I’m testing it but there is a question:
    Is it possible to sort the quotes in my overview-side by author? I’m not a great php-freak… 😦

  33. ico Says:

    @WebNobbi: it is possible… I’ll try to include that function in the next release.

  34. james r Says:

    How can I separate the quote from the author?

    I have:

    I do not understand your notes on using “

  35. ico Says:

    mmmh, the code got deleted. Sorry about it. I don’t understand what you mean by “separate”. You can invert their order if you want…

  36. Alenônimo Says:

    Cool! I was searching something to replace Random Quotes. Nice plugin!

  37. james r Says:

    At the moment my quotes appear like this:

    “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”
    by (John Locke.1632 – 1704)

    I do not want a line return after the quote, I want the aurthor to follow straight on like this:

    “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” by (John Locke.1632 – 1704)

    How can I do that please?

  38. ico Says:

    go to options > stray quotes. there probably is a ‘br'(break line tag) where it says ‘quote only’ > ‘after’. delete it.

  39. Wordpress plugin to display random quotes | Flickr toolbox Says:

    […] Italy is falling – Stray Quotes – Stray Quotes is a WordPress plugin meant to collect and display random quotes on your blog. It is widget compatible, and the appearance of the quotes can be highly customized. It comes with a easy to use management tool and a option page. […]

  40. Martin Says:

    Very nice plugin! I have a suggestion for you: How about adding an excerpt field, or enable the ability to ‘crop’ the quote after x-number of words/characters. Keep up the good work!

  41. james r Says:

    Thanks for the reply ico 🙂

    I never realised that in ‘options > stray quotes’, that there were fields to EDIT.
    I’m using Safari on OS X and the fields do not show up in boxes, so I never made that jump of logic.
    Maybe you could add this into your information…

    ” You can edit the HTML before and after your stray quotes by editing the values…..”

    Cheers, James R.

  42. WebNobbi Says:

    Hi ico,

    sorry for my silence… 😦
    So I’ll wait for the next version with probable this function ;-).

    Thank you very much to think about it 🙂 !

  43. Matthew’s Weblog » Blog Archive » More migrating fun Says:

    […] Stray Quotes since it appears to be more maintained.  Now I just have to actually get updated themes and then […]

  44. 2xKnight Says:

    I was posting in a forum about this plugin and thought I’d check for updates. I’m very glad I did. Thanks for taking my suggestion. I updated to 1.48 and edited my entries. I gotta say, I love this plugin.

    The reason I was posting to a forum about it is this. This plugin has actually helped a little bit with my traffic. As long as the quotes entered are relevant to the site it can help with search results.

  45. Jeffrey Says:

    I LOVE this plugin! I also LOVE your theme. is it available for download or are you keeping it original? 😉

    if ur keepin it to yourself, care to pass on some tips in creating a similar transparent header/top menu that sticks to the top of the screen (not the top of the page)?

  46. » Cleaning up, new design Says:

    […] design for this blog (no, I did not make it myself, credits go to Anthony Baggett). I also included Stray Quotes in the upper right corner, a nice random quote plugin for WordPress. It allows me to manage my own […]

  47. Johannes Says:


    Thanks for making this plugin! I like it a lot and am just building it into my theme. Just a quick suggestion: I’d really love it if there were two more fields for each quote, a comment field and an URL field. Sometimes I just like to write something down with the quote that I wouldn’t want to display, like the page number for quotes from books. That’s were a comment field would come in handy. 😉 The URL field could be used to link to more information, e.g. to Wikipedia for quotes by people or to my own review of a book… I could probably modify the plugin myself, but I don’t really like to do that if I don’t have to (too much trouble when the plugin gets an update). So is there any chance that you would incorporate this in a future version?! 0:-)


  48. WordPress 2.3 compatiblity Plugins | Dreamer's Blog Says:

    […] Stray Quotes ( 1.48 […]

  49. Au sujet des plugins WordPress utilisés | Says:

    […] Stray Quotes 1.48 (Ico) : permet d’afficher des citations de façon aléatoire. Une page, dans l’interface utilisateur, permet d’ajouter ou d’éditer facilement des citations. Ce plugin est visible dans la colonne de droite de ce blog. […]

  50. Blog | Isso é só um blog » 7 Plugins para Wordpress Says:

    […] Stray Quotes: Para colocar frases aleatórias, pensamentos, coisas suas ou de outras pessoas. O meu está nomeado como “Pense nisso”, no menu. […]

  51. Hamish Says:

    Hey, dude…

    Thanks for the plugin. However, I need a modification. Instead of the google search link, I want to give a custom link for every quote.

    Can I do this?

    I tried adding the and tags in the ‘Source’ box to get the links in place, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    Can you help me out on this?


  52. Graham Smith Says:

    Hi there
    Before posting I have read through the other comments hoping to find someone with a similar problem.
    I can install it fine, the options come up in the management area etc.

    The built in quote even displays on the home page,

    But… It does not allow me to save any new quotes the info, it comes up with a ‘Cannot load stray_quotes.php.’ when I go to save.

    Also I am unable to save any changes from the Options menu.

    I have read your Read Me. And I certainly have installed it correctly.

    My WP is 2.3.1 and is a few days old installation only. So I only have a few plugins, Feedsmith and Askimet.

    It looks like a relatively small problem, but Im just not that familiar with PHP etc.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciate.

    Thanks in advance

  53. ico Says:

    @Hamish, @Graham Smith, @Johannes and all the others who have desiderata or encounter bugs using this plugin: It sucks but I don’t have the time right now to work on it. I am very sorry about it but this is how it is. As soon as I will find the time to do it, I will start listening to inputs and work to make the plugin better. Thanks for understanding.

  54. Paul Says:

    Dumb questions probably, but how can I change the way the quotes look? Where do I edit the CSS? Thanks for the help. Love the plugin!

  55. CircleReader Says:

    First, ico, thanks for a wonderful plugin–it’s a simple, effective tool. Like the WordPress people say, “Code is poetry.”

    The plugin is displaying some poetic quotes (and others) on my blog, but when I try to activate it (the most recent version) on my test install of the new WordPress 2.5, it gives me a message that it cannot be activated because it triggers a fatal error.

    I understand that other duties demand your attention (and I hope things are going well!); but when you do find a moment to have a look at it’s compatibility with WP2.5, I am sure there are many users like myself who would be glad to keep using your software!

  56. Ditto Says:

    I am also getting the ‘fatal error’ notice with 2.5. Thanks!

  57. Couchmouse Says:

    I just upgraded WP to 2.5 and switched from Random Quotes 1.3 to Stray Quotes 1.5 and it is working without any problems. I am not running it as a widget but using the code in the header.php

  58. Couchmouse Says:

    FYI: Your straystyle.css, line 32 is calling for anchor_symbol.gif in the path wp-includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/images/anchor_symbol.gif

    This gif is no longer included in WP 2.5 and the path has changed to wp-includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/img/

    If you want to use this gif you will have to provide it with your package and change the path.

  59. ico Says:

    wow, couchmouse, you’re right, thanks. I’ll fix it.

  60. c Says:

    Oh, wow, how nice that you’ve picked up development on the Random Quotes plugin. I was dreading re-entering all of my quotes! Though along those lines, I imagine threre are a number of people who’d like some kind of bulk-import function if a convenient standard format could be arrived at.

    I guess the one thing that’s missing for me is bulk editing. Since I’ve just upgraded from Random Quotes (without source fields) it’s obvious to me that what the plugin needs is the ability to select several quotes and assign them all the same source or author, instead of manually going into each individual quote and editing it. Tedium! It’s a one-time task, but boy, when you’ve got a few hundred quotes it gets tiresome.

    Thanks for your work on the plugin!

  61. ico Says:

    @c, the bulk editing sure would be a great thing. I don’t know if I’ll have the time to work on it. but i’ll think about it. Thanks to you for using the plugin.

  62. Christopher Sisk Says:

    Wonderful plugin. Thanks so much.

    Feature request:

    Is it possible to move the add new quote form to the Write menu instead of the Manage menu and when adding a new quote, giving an option to also publish the quote as a post in a set category? So when you add a new quote it goes into rotation and gets published to the blog as a new post at the same time.

  63. CircleReader Says:

    Thanks so much for picking this up again!

  64. AJ Says:

    I’ll preface this by saying that I’m a novice when it comes to code, so this question probably has an obvious answer. Question: How can I make the quote, author, and source appear on one line without a return? I wanted to stick the random quotes on a single line in my header, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of that automatic return before the author.

    Thanks, this plugin looks awesome!

  65. ico Says:

    AJ, have you tried settings>stray quotes?
    In the field where it says “Author only” > “Before author”, try deleting the “br” tag. That should work…

  66. ico Says:

    @Christopher Sisk: everything is possible… but it sounds complicated! I’ll think about it if I find the time 🙂

  67. Cynthia Armistead Says:

    Hi! I just downloaded your plugin ,a and so far, it seems graat.

    I was looking for someting that would accommodate first (or other( and last names the source, and tags.

    Do you have any plans to extend this Plugin?


  68. c Says:

    Hi! Just upgraded to 1.5.2 and I found a little bug. The message on the Manage > Stray Quotes page about having renamed my table persists… I assumed it would go away after a while, but I’ve been using Stray Quotes for almost 2 weeks now. It’s cool if you intend to leave it — though a bit odd to always say “I’ve just renamed your table” — but the link to the Options page is broken.

    My blog installation isn’t at root, but in a wordpress/ directory. The Options link points to when, in my case, it should be pointing to I’m not a plugin author, but I assume there’s a variable somewhere you should be accessing to give you the proper path.

  69. ico Says:

    Hey c, you are right, as always cleaning the code I created new problems. Anyway, it should be fixed now. Try 1.53 when you can and let me know…. Thanks.

  70. The Best Blogging Software (WordPress) + The Top 60 WordPress Plugins | Midas Oracle .ORG Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes 1.53 » Ico (url) Displays random quotes on your blog. Easy to custom and manage. Compatible with WordPress 2.5. […]

  71. gnr Says:

    Is 1.6 no longer WordPress 2.3.x compatible? (shortcode api is WordPress 2.5 feature)

  72. ico Says:

    @gnr, you’re right, it isn’t. I fixed it now. Please try 1.6.1, it works with both WP 2.3 and 25, although 2.3 users cannot use the new shortcodes. Thanks for letting me know of this, I kind of forgot 2.3 users…!

  73. gnr Says:

    Yes, It works again, thanks!

  74. gnr Says:

    There is something wrong with wp-admin->options section. For example I can’t access pagebar2’s options page when stray quotes is activated, when I turn it off pagebar2’s options page works again. (WP 2.3.3)

  75. Alenônimo Says:

    This plugin isn’t quite UTF-8 compatible. It messes up all accented characters at the Options page, where you can customize the tags.

  76. Jorg Says:

    Is there an option to have the plugin display a given quote for 24hrs, then rotate to the next quote ID, i.e. of you want to have one quote per day, and not a new, random quote each time a user visits your website?

  77. husows Says:

    Support for UTF8??

  78. bassbadz Says:

    your plugin is great very very great, i love this plugin thank you for makeing a good plugin ^_^

  79. WP Plugin Archive » Stray Random Quote Says:

    […] Stray Random Quote von hilft dabei Zitate zu sammeln und im WordPress Blog anzuzeigen. Das Plugin kommt mit einem Admin Tool, einer Option Page und einem Widget. Die Zitate können mit Quelle, Autor und Link mittels Widget oder auf einer Seite angezeigt werden. Verwandte Artikel […]

  80. Simon Says:


    I think similar to a user below, I’d like to know how to change the ‘random quote’ title above each quote. Or to set a general format for the text to appear in, e.g. a font. Is this possible?

  81. Simon Says:

    Scuse my ignorance, I’ve sorted it. A brilliant widget 🙂

  82. 五毒 » Blog Archive » Wordpress随机插件 Says:

    […] Collection:显示名人名言,格言警语类的插件.可放置随机格言到侧边栏. Stray Random Quotes: 随机格言插件. 支持Widget或是自定义模板标签, 后台有配置界面. Quote Rotator: […]

  83. 50+ Wordpress随机插件,或许有一些适合你 | Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes: 随机格言插件. 支持Widget或是自定义模板标签, 后台有配置界面. […]

  84. Karl Bedford Says:

    Hi there, I think there is a conflict with your plugin and WP’s new 2.6 brand. See here:


  85. Aimee Says:

    I love this plugin, so hopefully there will be a fix soon for WP 2.6

  86. Raimy Says:

    Yes please issue a fix for wp 2.6. I love this plugin!

  87. CircleReader Says:

    Getting the same error message – good thing I don’t really want to change my theme just now. 😛

  88. George Says:

    I just recently installed this plugin on a fresh install of WordPRess 2.6 and I am getting the same error message.

    Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 96

    Real domain has been substituted for this example purpose

    I would also like to see if the widget could be used more than once similiar in fashion to the Text Widget that can be added to multiple pages while not being added to others.

    Great widget and looking forward to the fix and next version.

  89. Raimy Says:

    I just realized that most people seem to be getting a different error message than I am. I’m not getting a scalar value warning, so for the plugin author’s information my error message is:

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home/XXXXX/public_html/XXXXX/XXXXX/wp-admin/themes.php on line 96

    As things stand right now I can either use the plugin OR see my available themes, but not both at the same time. That’s okay for the short term but it would be great if it was fixed soon. This is a great plugin.

  90. Alex Says:

    Yes! It’s making the theme view disappear. Pity because this is a great plugin!

  91. Philix Says:

    This is a great plug in 🙂

  92. Says:

    Stray Random Quotes…

    Stray Random Quotes helps you collect and display random quotes on your blog. It comes with a easy to use management tool, a option page and a “widget”. The quotes can be recorded with source, author and optional google links, then added to the blog …

  93. ad Says:

    Thanks for fixing the bug with WP 2.6! 🙂

  94. aimeeish Says:

    Yay, it works now. Thank you!

  95. Giovanni Says:

    Hi, I have a problem with the style. I see the quotes like this

    How can I change?

    Thanks, bye.

  96. scarlett Says:

    Hello ~

    I heart this plugin, great work. Is there a way to change the order in which the list of entered quotes appear? I’d like to be able to rearrange the quotes in the full list.

    Thank you kindly,

  97. Wordpress随机插件大全 | 电脑厨房 Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes: 随机格言插件. 支持Widget或是自定义模板标签, 后台有配置界面. […]

  98. Vom Leben gebloggt… » Blog Archive » Follow Quotes on Foot 2.6.1 Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes installiert. Einfach mal nach rechts schauen. Die Positionierung ist noch nicht zwingend […]

  99. WordPress天下 » Blog Archive » 50个Wordpress随机插件 Says:

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  100. jani sipilä Says:

    Great plugin, but is it possible to change the text color? My sidebar is almos black so the quate doesn’t show…

  101. 50+ Wordpress随机插件 Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes: 随机格言插件. 支持Widget或是自定义模板标签, 后台有配置界面. […]

  102. Ken Says:

    I love this plug-in but it’s not loading inside the little box/block on my website. It’s just showing up as plain text. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve tried looking at the div and class assignments etc., but nothing is standing out to me.


  103. Gary Digs » C is for Cookie…. Says:

    […] unrelated news…I burned some idle cycles today adding the Amazon link feature to the “Stray Random Quotes” plugin for WordPress. I don’t do PHP, so this was good little project to start dipping my […]

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  105. knowledgeer-at-large » Acceptable for release Says:

    […] major plugin functions on the main page: WP-Cumulus (a floating tag cloud) written by Roy Tanck and Stray Random Quotes (a random quote engine)  written by Ico.  I intend to employ additional funtions in the […]

  106. Travis Says:

    Hallelujiah! I found the perfect Quote Plugin. Thank You Thank You Thank You!

  107. Servidor de internet SITEFLASH S/A Arquivos do site » Menus Curtos Says:

    […] · –Citações Fortuitas perdidas […]

  108. Wordpress 随机格言插件大全(酋长) | 希奥开源 Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes: 随机格言插件. 支持Widget或是自定义模板标签, 后台有配置界面. […]

  109. G. Says:

    Hi. I have updated to WP2.7 and the edit/delete links displayed for each quote seem not to work any longer.
    Too bad.

  110. Bradley Says:

    I have 2.7 running also and had to get into PHP MyAdmin (the tables) to change the quotes. Looking forward to the update. Great plugin, thank you!

  111. CircleReader Says:

    Also looking forward to the 2.7 version!

    Thanks, as always. 🙂

  112. Time Synchronisation Says:

    This plugin is great 🙂

  113. Scarlett Says:

    I love this plug-in, thank you very much for your work. I’m wondering…is it possible to change the order that the quotes appear in (other than manually re-entering) because display: all-quotes makes the list appear in an order I would prefer to revise.

    Thanks for your attention,

  114. Ki Says:

    Hello, just trying this plugin out. I’m using WP 2.7 and it seems that I can’t delete or edit any quotes. When ever I click on the delete or edit buttons it just takes me to the add new quote page.

    For anymore info just e-mail me.

  115. Dan Trimble Says:

    I’m in the process of upgrading my site to WordPress 2.7. In the course of debugging, I’ve just noticed that Stray Random Quotes doesn’t seem to work as a widget, unless I’m configuring it incorrectly. Oddly, when I go to Appearance > Widgets under WordPress Admin, the Stray Random Quotes widget is listed…but has no “Add” link, so I can’t add it to my sidebar. And yet, when I change WordPress’ view to only show the widgets that ARE in use, it has Stray Random Quotes listed. It appears no where on my site.

    Am I doing something wrong, or are there compatibility issues you’re working out?


  116. Maxal Says:


    I have got a problem. Using wordpress 2.7 and Stray Random Quotes 1.6.3, I am unable to delte or edit a quote. I need a quick fix please?

    And thanx for the wonderful plugin 🙂

  117. Emma Says:

    Yup, I have the same problem since I upgraded to WP 2.7
    Is there anyone out there using WP 2.7 and SRQ 1.6.3 who can edit and delete quotes?
    And is there an update in the pipeline that resolves this issue?

  118. Emma Says:

    Yay, everything works again with 1.6.4! Thank you, developer!

  119. SAP Lobby » 50+ Wordpress随机插件 zz Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes: 随机格言插件. 支持Widget或是自定义模板标签, 后台有配置界面. […]

  120. Alex Says:

    I love this plugin!!!!

    Is it possible to get it to list the quotes in the admin screen on pages, instead of all on one? I got like 1200+ of quotes, and it’s getting a little ridiculous.

    Mahalo! (Hawaiian for thanks!)

  121. Kid C Says:

    I just upgraded.. Using WP 2.7.

    This has caused a really irritating error which I don’t know how to get rid of!

    It seems to have called a non-existent GIF, and now this is rendered in text at the top of my blog, and also the admin panel?! Weird.

    Where can I download 1.6.3?!

    Great plugin though, have used it for years now! 🙂

  122. ico Says:

    @Kid C: Hi, sorry about the problem but… Are you sure it is my plugin’s fault? What’s the name of the non-existent GIF?

  123. Tom Says:

    Have downloaded it and started to play with it. Looks like a great plugin.

    What would make this even better is giving the user the option to specify other links besides Google and Wikipedia. I’m an author and I want to use the plugin to provide random quotes from my book. I wish I could provide a link to a page on my site that discusses my book.

  124. Bonnie Says:

    Hi – I’m on WordPress 2.7, and the widget doesn’t pick up the styling from my blog. Someone asked about editing the CSS, but I didn’t see a response… Any suggestions? Thanks!!

  125. holyolli Says:

    After updating to the current version, all my previously entered quotes disappeared 😦

    Any hints?

  126. ico Says:

    @holyolli: whoa, are you sure? That’s unexpected… can you get into phpmyadmin and see if the table wp_stray_quotes is still there?
    Also: what version where you using before upgrading?

  127. James Borden Says:

    I have just installed 1.7 (on WordPress 2.7) and love it. I just have one issue which is when I put [random-quote] or [all-quotes] in a page/post, it doesn’t matter where in my text I place the code, the quotes always appear as the first text of the post (underneath the title). How can I change this??

  128. ico Says:

    @James Borden: Hey James, you’re right. I think I identified the problem and it will be solved in the next release. In the meantime, if you want you can edit stray_functions.php at line 155 where it says “echo stray_output_one($get_one);” and change it to “return stray_output_one($get_one);” Do the same at line 220 and change “else echo $contents;” with “else return $contents;” I am not 100% sure yet but it should work. Let me know.

  129. James Borden Says:

    @ico – perfect, many thanks that now works perfectly for me!!

    Are there any plans in the future to allow paging through quotes, as outputting all quotes could produce a VERY long page.

    Anyway, once again thanks for the very prompt resolution from one very happy user!

  130. Scarlett Says:

    Hello ~

    I’ve upgraded to v1.7 (on WP 2.7) and had the same difficulty as James re: listing all quotes before some intro copy on the page. Your suggested work-around took care of that problem, thank you. I am experiencing another technical difficulty however. I am unable to make the source (or author for that matter) a link. Also, if I include a link in a quote itself then all the text below (different quotes) becomes that link.

    Basically, I need to know how to make the author & source (which are urls) links. Can you please help? Here’s the page on my site where all quotes are listed:

  131. ico Says:

    @Scarlett. Hi, I also answered you on I think you might be writing the link in a wrong way. If you can, please give me an example of what you have written in that particular field (the author or source link) in the setting page. Also, if the link in the quote is extended to all the text that follows it means it does not have its closing tag. make sure you always have some text selected before you click on the link button in the quote editor.

  132. Scarlett Says:

    Hi ~

    Thank you kindly, I also followed up on the WordPress site. I look forward to figuring this out.


  133. baron Says:

    hi. Thanks for plugin



  134. Ellis Says:

    Hi just upgraded your new version today (1.7.1) and you have done a lot of great work. Congratulations and well done. I just wanted to let you know that some of the default settings are not carrying forward when creating a new quote.
    The Visible default was not being used, because you were not getting the options at the start

    I have added the following to the top of the stray_new() function:
    //get the options
    $quotesoptions = array();
    $quotesoptions = get_option(‘stray_quotes_options’);
    then changed the following
    $defaultVisible = get_option (‘stray_quotes_default_visible’);
    $defaultVisible = $quotesoptions[‘stray_quotes_default_visible’];

    This would obviously need to be corrected wherever you have the same calls.

    THis plugin works brilliantly. It was exactly what i needed and works a lot better than others available. Cheers

  135. Bonnie Says:

    Hi – things are looking better (just installed the 1.7.1 update) but can’t change any of the options: I just get this message: “Something went wrong! The options could not be saved.” I’m on WordPress 2.7, here

  136. ico Says:

    @Bonnie: Have you tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin?

    @Ellis: You’re right man! It will be fixed with the next release, which is about to be released. Thanks a million for pointing it out.

  137. pupo Says:

    installed it but cannot add new quotes.
    always get the following message:
    Failure: Something went wrong when trying to insert the quote. Try again?

  138. ico Says:

    @pupo: have you deactivated the plugin before updating? If not try that (deactivate and re-activate), let me know.

  139. James Says:

    I got the same “Failure: Something went wrong when trying to insert the quote. Try again?” message. I tested and tested and tested, and I found out what the problem is for me at least. Any quote I enter that has an apostrophe will break it.

    So for example, trying to have “asdf” as the quote will work fine, but “as’df” will give the error message.

  140. AgentSmith Says:

    I also got an error when trying to add a new quote – after some testing I found out that it only results in an error if I try to create a new category when entering a new quote.
    If I create the category by editing an existing quote, I can flawlessly add new quotes. I hope this helps you to narrow down the error and fix it.

  141. ico Says:

    @James, pupo and AgentSmith: guys, you’re obviously right, my apologies.
    During an improvised experiment I removed ‘mysql_real_escape_string’ from the lines 45-49 in stray_new.php (compare with lines 53-57 just below) and subsequently forgot to put them back! So I’ll have to release another version after one day, damn!
    While I’m there… do you think those quotes I put at the opening of every page can get to be annoying? I thought they were fun but now I was considering taking them out. Let me know if you care. In the meantime thanks a million for the bug-killing.

  142. AgentSmith Says:

    You’re welcome! Thanks for the update, I have two plugins myself and also have to quick-bugifx soon after almost every release. Well, it at least generates some more downloads due to being listed as “Recently updated” again. 😉
    I don’t think the quotes get annoying – I don’t pay too much attantion to them after having seen them all, but they don’t annoy me either.

  143. ico Says:

    OK, I discovered another bug (1.7.1 to 1.7.4) and this time is nasty. When you edit a quote in the manage page and then you sort the table by a different field, the quote you just inserted gets deleted. Until I solve this, a message to anybody reading this: don’t sort the table after you edited a quote. Thanks.

  144. WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/31 | ONGUIDES Says:

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  145. WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/31 | Web 3.0 Says:

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  146. WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/31 | Tips Wordpress Says:

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  147. James Says:

    All better now!

    The only thing I’m wondering now is if there’s a way to make your random quotes work with the Super Cache plugin somehow. Obviously it still loads a quote, but part of the fun of the random quotes is that you get a different one every time you visit the site. However, since the point of Super Cache is to make a cache of the page… Well, you see the problem. Is there any way I can exclude Stray Random Quotes from Super Cache? That would make your plugin PERFECT as far as I’m concerned.

  148. AgentSmith Says:

    Suggestion: Take all the values from the just added quote and pre-fill the form with them after entering a new quote.
    At the moment, only the quote itself is taken over. In my workflow, I usually add multiple quotes from one movie, person by person. So for a lot of quote, especially my Sourve-value stays the same, and for some also the author field.
    If those fields were always pre-filled with the values of the previous quote this would spare me lots of clicks.

  149. ico Says:

    @James: I don’t know about WP Super Cache. How do you go around a thing like that? With javascript, possibly, but I can’t speak that language very fluently. Maybe what you could do is to put the random quote in a different page, then exclude that page with the “Accepted Filenames & Rejected URIs” thing of super cache– and see if it works. If it does, you could put the page with the random quote back in your main template inside a iframe or something. Ugly, i know.

  150. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: Suggestion taken, next version.

  151. AgentSmith Says:

    Awesome, thanks a lot! 🙂

  152. AgentSmith Says:

    Oh, I just realized that the “quotes per page” setting is ignored on the manage page. It always displays ten quotes, no matter what I enter either on the settings page as a default or via the drop-down-field on the manage page itself.
    When doing the latter, the value IS actually sent ( the URL admin.php?page=stray_manage&qo=quoteID&qp=1&qg=all&qs=DESC&qr=50 is opened) but it still will only show 10 quotes.

  153. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: do you happen to have groups with a space in the name? I have found that to be a problem (fixed in the next). Otherwise I cannot reproduce the problem..

  154. AgentSmith Says:

    Indeed I have, yes. (“TV series” e.g.)
    Glad you could fix it! 🙂

  155. Levani Says:

    Hello. Great plugin 🙂

    One question: Can I use HTML code as with text as quotes?


  156. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: so you haven’t had that problem again?
    @Levani: maybe you wanted to add an example code to the text there? Anyway generally yes.

  157. AgentSmith Says:

    The problem is fixed with the new version for me, yes!

  158. Nancy Says:

    First, THANKS for this plugin! I really do love it, and it has a prominent place on my blog.

    Since an update or two ago, the “Next quote…” has not functioned. I’ve tried it on both Firefox and Safari browsers, same result.

    Anyone else having that difficulty?

    Again, mille grazie!

  159. ico Says:

    @Nancy: …what “Next quote…” feature? You mean on the management page? Can you give some more detail?
    * update: I looked at your website and noticed what you mean by “next quote”. Thing is, that is a pretty cool feature and one my plugin should certainly have (so I guess that -if I keep having the time for it- it will) but truth is it never had it. The only way to get a different quote right now is by refreshing the page. So I don’t really know how that thing worked for you! That said, I’m thinking about it.

  160. AgentSmith Says:

    Tha feature should not be too difficult to implement, it’s just some basic AJAX. Maybe this video (and probably the rest of the series) can help you a little bit, I kinda liked their videos.
    The basic idea is just to perform a javascript action once the user clicks on the “next” link. This javascript action is fetching the next quote via AJAX and then replaces the old div with the div containing the new data.
    If you want to, I could play around a little bit with it to see if I could make it happen. 🙂

  161. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith. For some reason Javascript intimidates me. Anyway, I was looking into it… Lots of tutorials on how to use jQuery or SACK in WordPress Plugins. Maybe a chance to learn something more about it. I did use it for Lighter Menus in the past but most of the work was cut and paste from other sources, and I’m pretty good at that.
    Be it as it may, I’m trying… Besides it could work great to solve the WP-super cache problem James was referring to. So I’m on it. If I get stranded I’m counting on you 🙂 Thanks a lot man.

  162. AgentSmith Says:

    Wow, I’ve just started experimenting a little bit out of curiousity and it’s beginning to work pretty good.
    I already can change the text via AJAX to something that comes from an PHP file. Now I’ll try a little something out to make it more “plugin compliant” and then I will send you an email with what I’ve done and some detailed explanations.
    I think that by the end of this week your plugin could easily be AJAXed. 😀

  163. ico Says:

    Thanks man but I was trying to do it by myself …and learn something, just give me some time before I give up on that 🙂

  164. AgentSmith Says:

    Alright, I’ve got it up and running, so just let me know if you need any help eventually! 🙂

  165. Chrille Says:

    Great plugin!

    But…I found a bug =/ Under settings, I can’t fill in the fields with swedish characters (for example Ã¥ ä ö)

  166. AgentSmith Says:

    Chrille, as you are entering raw HTML into those fields, you should enter the corresponding entities:

    ico: I have an idea for our problem. Won’t be able to test it out before thursday evening, but we’re going to solve it, I’m sure! 🙂

  167. ico Says:

    @Chirille: you’re right. it is actually a known problem and I will fix it in the next version.

  168. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: I am working on it and I am sure too– after which we’ll probably be able to write the really-useful-ajax-in-wordpress tutorial that apparently it is yet to be written.

  169. Another Automated Blog Tactic (Even Easier Than Before) - Page 3 Says:

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  170. WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/04 | Weblog Tools Collection Says:

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  171. Jason Says:

    I forgot to deactivate my previous version before upgrading to 1.7. The new version says that I have 13 quotes but when I go to manage nothing shows up. Is there a way that I can still get at my old qoutes?

  172. ico Says:

    @jason: deactivate and reactivate now, some conversions and changes will happen and the quotes will show up. it should work, let me know.

  173. SAB Guy Says:

    I recently did the automatic upgrade and stray random quotes stopped working… not sure what the problem is.

  174. ico Says:

    @SAB Guy: OK, that’s bad… But can you please tell me what kind of problem it is and what version? Thanks

  175. Bonnie Says:

    Hi – automatically upgraded, disactivated and reactivated, and the quotes don’t show up. They’re still in the database, however. Ideas? Thanks!

  176. Rebecca Matheson Says:


    I am building a new theme locally and just had the same problem as mentioned above, with the quotes no longer working after I hit upgrade.
    I’m using the newest version of WordPress, have tried a manual re-install of plugin etc. No luck. It has just simply disappeared for no obvious reason (no idea re digging in the php, I’m not a coder – sorry)

  177. ico Says:

    @Bonnie, Rebecca, Sab Guy etc: I am not experiencing this problem unfortunately. If you have access to your database via phpmyadmin, can you please tell me if in the wp_stray_quotes table the column after “source” is in fact named “category” or “group”? Also, can you please check at the bottom of the plugin settings page where it says “order by”, and try to change that setting, save, and see if the situation gets better?
    I will solve the problem… in the meantime you can download version 1.7.7 here if you’re in bad need of your management page back.

    …another thing: what version of the plugin were you using before upgrading? do you remember roughly what message you got (if any) in the overview page after upgrading? and, also: did or do you have spaces in your group/category names?

  178. andre Says:

    Hi, I’m having the same problem the other 3 guys above have: after upgrading from 1.7.7 to 1.7.8, the quotes widget stopped working.

    I had only one group/category, the default one, but it showed 3 empty quote slots in a different group/cat after the upgrade. I deleted them, and everything else seems normal, except the quotes won’t show up in my sidebar, just its widget title.

  179. Jason Says:

    Changing the “order by” setting on the plugin Settings page solved my problem of not being able to see the quotes that were already entered. Thanks!

  180. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the plugin. One feature request – could you add the ability to store/display an image with each quote. I’ll do it and submit a patch if you cant get to it in a week or so, but you may prefer to do it yourself.Thanks.

  181. xensen Says:

    I’ve been using the plugin for some time. 1.7.7 worked for me. In 1.7.8 the header is visible but not the quotes. I tried Jason’s suggestion (a couple posts up), but changing the “order by” setting does not fix it. I guess I will have to revert to a previous version.

  182. ico Says:

    @everyone who had problems: SORRY, you guys. I made a mess with 1.7.8. Shit happens.

    What you can try, so far, is: * deactivate and activate again; * change the “order by” setting on the settings page; * if you can access your database via phpmyadmin there’s more you can do, in which case I strongly invite you to write me an email so that we can work together to solve this problem (use the contact page, link on top of this page).

    I am working on a new version that will be out in few hours and should fix things, hopefully. Please be patient. 1.7.7 is available from the wordpress repository if you need it.

  183. xensen Says:

    Update. I’m using the plugin (I love it, BTW) on two blogs, both running WordPress 2.7. Strangely, reverting to version 1.7.7 worked on one blog, but on the other the quotes still are not appearing, although I can see them in the “manage” menu. I might have to do a hard delete and reinstall. Hope the database remains intact.

  184. ico Says:

    @xensen: if you delete or reinstall the plugin, the database will remain intact. What you could do is:

    * backup the database via phpmyadmin or via a wordpress plugin like this one;
    * use the “remove” option of Stray Random Quotes;
    * select to remove all the options as well (not the quotes);
    * reinstall 1.7.7

    –if you have access to phpmyadmin, please write me before you do this (ico@ this blog), so that I can ask you to save some information for me first. Thanks!

  185. xensen Says:

    Will do.

  186. AgentSmith Says:

    Luckily I could solve the problem with 1.7.8 simply by deactivating and reactivating.

    Steve, why don’t you just upload the image(s) via the Media manager of WordPress and include the image using an IMG-Tag?
    I don’t think I would like an additional image-field for each quote too much. Of course, I could simply ignore it, but still it would clutter things uo. Why duplicate existing functionality?

  187. medallion Says:

    I just upgraded from 2.7.8 to 2.7.9 and all my quotes got erased. Fortunately I had only a couple good thing I did not add more after the 2.7.8 upgrade. Nothing seemed to be wrong with 2.7.8 on my end. This will make me very cautious to upgrade again 😦

  188. ico Says:

    @medallion: I am sure your quotes are still there, it is just the management page that isn’t working right. Have you checked your database to see if the table wp_stray_quotes is still there? You will see that it is.

  189. Lia Suzuki Says:


    Great plugin. Thanks.

    But today the widget suddenly stopped bringing in quotes. I had installed ad-minister plugin. I deleted it and tried again, but the quotes widget still didn’t work. It just shows up with its title (“Testimonials”) and no quote.

    Any suggestions…?

  190. ico Says:

    @Lia Suzuki: (edited comment) I had written here to uninstall the plugin and reinstall and so on and so forth, but suddenly today I managed to reproduce the behavior you and others talked about:

    correct me if I am wrong, but the widget does not display its content only if one group is selected: if more groups are selected, then it works.

    If you confirm this, a temporary solution would be to edit one of the quotes and assign it to a new group and then select these two groups in the plugin.

    In the meantime I’ll find a fix to this problem.

    Let me know if this works.

  191. AgentSmith Says:

    Small bug report:
    When “Clear the form” is not set, the data is repeated, BUT: The link is broke – it stops right at after the “, so only <a href=” is filled into the field. 🙂
    Simple solution: Change from value=”” to value=”, then the ” won’t break the string.

  192. Tom Brazelton Says:

    I wasn’t having any problems until I upgraded to 1.8.1 — Now I get a link in my footer that says “New Quote.” When I click on it, it says “loading” and then nothing happens.

    I liked this plugin for the simplicity of the interface. All I want is a random quote and some organization on the back end. But I feel like things are becoming complicated.

    Can you advise?

  193. ico Says:

    @Tom Brazelton Don’t give up man, this plugin is still simple to use, I swear. 🙂

    Now, to remove that “new quote” thing, just go in the settings page and delete everything in the field next to where it says “New quote loader”. I will make this simpler by adding a checkbox to disable the functionality in the next version.

    About the fact that nothing happens when you click on it: I assume you have added stray_random_quotes() in your template without further specifications between the brackets.
    Nothing wrong with it but this caused the next quote thing not to work, it’s a small bug already detected and killed, and if you download the same version again it should not happen anymore. I haven’t issued a new version only for this since the bug has been detected less than an hour after 1.8.1 was out.

  194. david swain Says:

    Is there any way to to turn of the ajax loader? I dont need it, i am embedded the quotes in the page using

  195. ico Says:

    @david swain: as I said in the previous comment, delete everything in the field in the settings page next to where it says “New quote loader”.

  196. david swain Says:

    Done that, i have the markup around my quote, i cant get rid of that!

  197. ico Says:

    @david swain: what do you mean the markup around your quote?

  198. Tom Brazelton Says:


    Thanks for answering my quetions so quickly. I didn’t see that “new quote” in the settings was a field or was editable. Must have been my monitor settings. Too bright!

    You were right that I didn’t put anything in the brackets. I wanted the quotes to be completely random. I don’t categorize them. I just load them in and let them run.

    Thanks again!

  199. WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/10 | Weblog Tools Collection Says:

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  200. Cody Says:

    Terrific plugin, works great, thank you so much.

  201. James Bisset Says:

    Excellent plugin – even if it does get updates every day 😉

    But is the category filter in the shortcode broken?

    I’m using [all-quotes category=”Clients”] but I’m getting a full list of all quotes in both categories.

    Or do I need to list some other options to trigger it?

  202. ico Says:

    @James: I am into this updating frenzy because, well, I am unemployed and kind of depressed. But maybe that’s too much information!

    so, about the shortcode: it is not bugged, the problem is with my help page, which not unsurprisingly is misleading.

    It should be all-quotes categories="Clients" and not category="Clients".
    Try it, it should work without any other option.

  203. WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/10 | Wordpress Blog NL Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes […]

  204. James Bisset Says:

    Sorry to hear it. Don’t let it stop you writing though. I’ve just spent half an hour reading your blog. 🙂

    Anyway, it works!


  205. Frühjahrsputz im Blog - Dodge this! Says:

    […] so viel Platz gewonnen wurde, muss der natürlich auch genutzt werden. Mit dem feinen Plugin “Stray Random Quotes” kann man komfortabel im Dashboard eine umfangreiche Zitatesammlung anlegen und diese dann auf […]

  206. Super Awesome Blog Guy Says:

    The last two revisions didn’t work on my site. The most recent (as of 2-10-09) worked just fine.

    Thanks! 🙂

  207. AgentSmith Says:

    Strangely there is a new bug when adding quotes – all new quotes get “default” as their category. I’m not a 100% sure if this may only have happened after I upgraded WP to 2.7.1. or if it also happened before and is a bug from 1.8.1 – before 1.8.1 I definitelly know that it worked, I’m not sure if I tried adding some quotes afterwards (meaning: with 1.8.1 but without 2.7.1)

  208. Metalz Says:

    The Ajax from the plugin gets in conflict with other JS that I have. Any ideea on how I can disable AJAX on your plugin? Thanks

  209. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: you’re right, I just notice it, it’s line 25 that I added to stray_new.php and I can’t remember why. Remove it without hesitation. It will be fixed in next version. always a great bug-catcher 🙂

  210. ico Says:

    @Metalz: the next version, due very soon, will allow you to disable ajax from the quote.
    Still, can you please tell me what kind of problems you had, with what script, so that maybe I can prevent the error from happening? Thanks

  211. Biff Says:

    I love this plugin. But could you please dial back on the updates?

    It is a bit of a drag to have to update them every day.

  212. ico Says:

    @Biff: Yeah, i know. I think I’m done for a while now.

  213. Metalz Says:

    That’s great news (next version). The problem on my site was that the slider from the homepage (that allows you to navigate through the last 20 items) stopped working. The list was loaded but it wasn’t hidden anymore so I ended up with a huge list of items breaking the design. Hope that helps, if you need any other specific details, feel free to contact me by mail. Thanks a lot for this great plugin and I hope I’ll be able to use it soon

  214. ico Says:

    @Metalz: Try 1.8.2, is out. 🙂
    I am not sure why your slider is broken by mine, since I am not a very big expert of jQuery (they’re both based on jQuery).
    The only trick I might suggest is to pre-pend to your script something like jQuery(document).ready ( function($) { (, then closing everything at the end of the script with );});. As I said, i am far from being an expert, but those lines seem to be missing from your script. I have read around that all the $ functions of jQuery in wordpress should have the “(document).ready” thing before them.
    If this makes any sense to you.

  215. Metalz Says:

    Hmmmm I’m no expert programmer either but I’ll try your advice. Thanks again for the support

  216. Metalz Says:

    Just upgraded and it works perfectly. THANKS A LOT!

  217. WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/04 | Says:

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  218. WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/10 | Says:

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  219. AgentSmith Says:

    Not sure if it was that way before but I just noticed it and it seems to me as if this is new: When I edit an quote, the list of quotes (like on the manage page) is shown underneath the edit-form. As I said – not sure if it always was like that and I just hadn’t noticed so far. But it kinda looks as if accidently the manage-page-code is also run after the edit-form is created. 🙂
    But in any case: It’s no big deal, editing works perfectly.
    Have a nice weekend btw. 🙂

  220. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: Oh no, this is how it is meant to be. So you can change and edit another quote…
    You have a great weekend too. 🙂

  221. Wordpress随机插件 | 123博客-My IT Blog Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes: 随机格言插件. 支持Widget或是自定义模板标签, 后台有配置界面. […]

  222. xensen Says:

    Hi Ico. Just reporting that I was waiting for the dust to settle a bit before upgrading again. Happy to report the plugin (1.8.2) is working perfectly on both of my sites that use it. Thanks!

  223. Heiko Says:

    Hi Ico!
    It would be great if you could extend the Category Fields. If you add a quote there are only 25 chars allowed. (even though the database field allows 255 chars)

  224. speed Says:


    A really great plugin but I would really like to see an auto refresh of the quotes.
    Any plans of implementing this? 😀


  225. WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/31 | BlogBroker24-7 Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes […]

  226. Zarban! Says:

    Help! I love Stray Random Quotes, but now that I’ve upgraded it and WordPress, my site displays the message:

    WordPress database error: [FUNCTION zarban.COUNT does not exist]
    SELECT COUNT (`quoteID`) FROM wp_stray_quotes WHERE visible=’yes’

    And the quote never changes. My Hemingway template does not use widgets.

  227. ico Says:

    @Zarban!: hard to tell what this is. You say you upgraded to Stray Random Quotes 1.8.2? Have you deactivated and reactivated when upgrading? Have you tried disabling other plugins to see if there is a conflict? How many quotes do you have in the database?

  228. Zarban! Says:

    Hmmm. By deactivating Bad Behavior, the anti-spambot plug-in, the error goes away, but the quote still never changes. Even with SRQ as the only plug-in, the quote never changes.

  229. ico Says:

    @Zarban!: Strage problem… how many quotes do you have? What variables if any have you placed between the brackets of stray_random_quote()? Have you deactivated and reactivated when upgrading?

  230. WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/10 | Says:

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  231. Deb Phillips Says:

    Greetings, I’ve been using the Stray Random Quotes plugin on my blog for 8 or 9 months (am now running v.1.8.2).

    Months ago, though, when I tried also activating WP Super Cache, the quotes would no longer rotate. At the time I simply chose to deactivate WP Super Cache, but I’d like to be able to use WP Super Cache.

    Can you give me some feedback on this seeming conflict? It’s not an urgent issue, but I’m trying to plan ahead and hopefully be able to run WP Super Cache in the near future without having a conflict with the Stray Random Quotes plugin.

    Thanks so much.


  232. ico Says:

    @Deb Phillips: I haven’t, but have you tried 1.8.2 with wp-cache? It is likely that at least the ajax re-loader should work with it.

  233. Mattias Wirf Says:

    This is great! Just installed it on my swedish company-website. It’s perfect for showing quotes from customers on different categories as well as other quotes! Will write a great review about this and install it on all my blogs. If there’s some way to support your work later on I will do so, out of money at the moment though :/

  234. Zarban! Says:

    I have 76 quotes.

    I just just tried manually deactivating, deleting, reinstalling, and reactivating SRQ 1.8.2, but I got the same result. No quote rotation even when SRQ is the only plug-in.

    Then I tried deactivating and deleting, then installing SRQ 1.6.2, and it seems to work fine and play nice with other plug-ins. I then tried automatically upgrading to SRQ 1.8.2, but ended up back where I started: error message on page, no rotation.

    So, I’ve now gone back to SRQ 1.6.2. I was really looking forward to some of those new functions, but honestly I don’t create random quotes all that often.

  235. Zarban! Says:

    Oh, and I’m calling SRQ with “[random_quote]” in a page. And I use “[all-quotes]”, which work fine, in another page.

    I just tried “stray_random_quote()” but that doesn’t work.

  236. ico Says:

    @Mattias Wirf: Mattias, I’m just glad you’re liking it. About the money, I hear you brother. Who isn’t? 🙂

  237. ico Says:

    @Zarban!: But you do are using stray_random_quote() now on your sidebar, right? Or you meant that with 1.8.2 shortcodes worked but not the template tag? That would be absolutely weird. Anyway I am sorry we didn’t solve the problem, I was hoping to figure it out, I usually do 🙂
    p.s. do you use wp-cache by any chance?

  238. Zarban! Says:

    I display my About page in the sidebar, and within the About page I have placed “[random_quote]”, which is what actually displays the quote. I’ve used this all along (and it works with 1.6.2 but not with 1.8.2).

    I’ve never used the code “stray_random_quote()” in a template page; I just meant that adding it to the About page didn’t work.

    I’m happy to try any other suggestions. Perhaps the problem is really with shortcodes in 1.8.2. I don’t use WP-Cache.

  239. ico Says:

    @Zarban!: wow, I never imagined you could use shortcodes in the sidebar… I haven’t heard of shortcodes problems with 1.8.2, but who knows. Have you tried shortcodes with 1.8.2 NOT in the sidebar, just in a post or page? Do they work?

    OK, maybe I’m asking too much but if you find the time would you try 1.8.2 adding the template tag to your sidebar instead?

    It shouldn’t be too difficult to do… Just open the “sidebar.php” file in your theme folder and add this where you want the quote to be: <?php if (function_exists('stray_random_quote')) stray_random_quote(); ?> I think this should really work, and even if it is not your ideal solution, it is really how it is meant to be, when you can’t use widgets.

  240. speed Says:

    Hey any plans of making an auto change feature?
    So we don’t have to click next to change the quotes, they change automatically after a few seconds?

    This would really rock!

  241. Zarban! Says:

    @ico: Okay, I used the automatic upgrade feature to upgrade to SRQ 1.8.2 again. The shortcode link in the About page that appears in the sidebar broke as before. I put your piece of code in the sidebar (actually the bottom bar—all the way at the bottom under Recent Commentaries) and THAT WORKS. I put the shortcode in a regular page (“Submitting a Commentary” available from the Pages list), and that does not work.

    It appears that, for me, it is the shortcodes that do not work in 1.8.2. I’ll leave it broken for now in case you want to look at it ( I really appreciate your attention to this.

  242. Deb Phillips Says:

    Thanks for your response, ico. I’ll try WP Cache instead of WP Super Cache and see if everything works fine.

  243. ico Says:

    @Deb Phillips: Oh no, I didnìt mean WP Cache instead of WP Super Cahce, I haven’t tried any of them. I just meant that maybe 1.8.2 works with them, at least for the ajax part of it.

  244. ico Says:

    @Zarban!: OK, I have another solution in mind… Could you change a line of code in “stray_functions.php” so that I can correct one thing and see if that is the problem? It is in the “inc” folder in the “stray-quotes” folder.

    If you can, it is line 265, which goes like this:

    $totalquotes = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT (`quoteID`) FROM " . WP_STRAY_QUOTES_TABLE . " WHERE visible='yes'".$categoryquery);

    and you should change it to this:

    $totalquotes = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(`quoteID`) AS 'Rows' FROM " . WP_STRAY_QUOTES_TABLE . " WHERE visible='yes'".$categoryquery);

    …there could a problem with MYSQL configuration on your hosting server (and also a problem in my original line of code) that this new line should correct.

    I can send you via email the revised “stray_functions.php” if you prefer.

    Thanks for your help. Let me know! 🙂

  245. Zarban! Says:

    @ico: That absolutely did the trick! Fantastic! Thank you so much!

  246. Charles Busby Says:

    I was amazed at how detailed and well-thought-out the settings/options were on this plug-in. I commend you for this excellent contribution to the WP community. Thank you!

  247. ico Says:

    @Zarban: Great, I’ll make it a official patch.

    @Charles Busby: thank you sir. 🙂

  248. WGMking Says:

    How to support Chinese content?

  249. ico Says:

    @WGMking: good question… I cannot confirm it as I don’t have a chinese keyboard but the quotes support utf-8 so they should support chinese.

  250. Andy Says:

    I’d just like to say I love the plugin, it does precisely what I want.

  251. Metalz Says:

    Hi again, could you please email the previous version? Even though AJAX is disabled I have the old problems again in the new version. Thanks a lot

  252. ico Says:

    @Metalz: uhm, I haven’t changed anything about the AJAX… have you tried maybe enabling and disabling it again?
    Old versions of the plugins can be found here …but if you help me figure this out I’d rather solve the problem you’re having with this one 🙂

  253. WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/04 | BlogBroker24-7 Says:

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  254. Deb Phillips Says:

    ico, you clarified in a previous comment that you hadn’t used WP Cache or WP Super Cache with your plugin — and you mentioned the Ajax part of the plugin. Is there any setting in the Stray Random Quotes plugin that I should change (as far as the Ajax part) whenever I test it with WP Super Cache? Or do I just try it without making any changes and see if it works with WP Super Cache?

    By the way, I meant to tell you in my first comment that I really do like the Quotes plugin. It adds a nice touch to my website. Thank you for it, and for providing such attentive support.

  255. ico Says:

    @Deb Phillips: I am glad you like it… The only thing is to make sure that ajax is enabled in the settings. What I imagine and hope should happen is that at least the quote will change when clicking on it or on the “next quote” link, even if reloading the page doesn’t change it. If you observe this happening (ajax working), then I could think of some way to trigger the ajax right when the page is loaded, only for the wp-super-cache users.

  256. Rosslyn Says:

    Oh this is the by far the best random quote plugin I’ve found, but it doesn’t support non-European languages such as Chinese! =( Considering that Chinese is actually very widely spoken and blogged about… can you add a quick fix? Or point me in the right direction? Pretty please? >_<

  257. ico Says:

    @Rosslyn: If you have any suggestion, like what sort of encoding is needed… Stray Random Quotes supports UTF-8 and I was under the impression that UTF8 covered everything, but obviously it is not so 🙂

  258. WGMking Says:

    Chinese? that’s ok,you can see that:
    and i want to know,how can i use the code:[quote id=x] in comments.

  259. Erik Kruse Says:

    Now that´s a nice piece of plugin. Thoughtful, straight-to-the-point and lovely interface. Thanks for some really good work! (and while I am at it: Could I wish for a small javascript-snippet to put in my browser, so I could “post” quotations to the database without going into my wp-admin panel? Then I would be an even happier man!)

  260. ico Says:

    @WGMking: I see that the plugin works, I am very happy to know that. So why did you ask before “How to support chinese content” ?

    About quotes in the comments. [quote id=x] is a shortcode and, as this page explains, shortcodes unfortunately are only for post content and not for comments. This is a wordpress limitation, it is not a limitation of my plugin! 🙂

    Anyway, as a workaround, you could try adding this to your functions.php file:
    add_filter('comment_text', 'do_shortcode');

    I tried and it works. Let me know!

  261. ico Says:

    @Erik Kruse: I was actually thinking to make a bookmarklet myself ’cause it would be useful for me as well. Out of laziness I never actually did anything about it, but maybe I will now 🙂 (If I am capable, that is)
    Actually, I already worked it out… It will be included in the next version. 🙂

  262. AgentSmith Says:

    Suggestion: Could you add a trim() around the quote, author and source before saving it to the DB? Because although I usually am very carful when adding my quotes, sometimes a space at the end of a copied information is pasted and overseen and that way you wouldN#t have to worry about that. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the bookmarklet! And still not liking the idea of image upload – images don’t have anything to do with quotes. 😀

  263. WGMking Says:

    @ico: functions.php? which one? in my theme or in wp-includes?
    i ask “How to support chinese content” because the sql language is wrong. now it’s ok.
    and i like AgentSmith’s Suggestion,that’s what i need.

  264. WGMking Says:

    add add_filter('comment_text', 'do_shortcode'); into my functions.php,it doesn’t word.

  265. Erik Kruse Says:

    @ico: Lovely – your today´s (or next week´s= hero! thnx a lot!

  266. ico Says:

    #WGMKing: have you tried with functions.php in your theme folder? It worked for me.

    @AgentSmith: Yes, the trimming is reasonable! And I might agree with you about the images, but I will go with the people’s poll… 🙂 The poll is not closed and I just noticed that “bulk editing” got like 15 votes in one night. pretty strange…

  267. AgentSmith Says:

    Wow, 15? I visit here once a day, so I always saw the development of the numbers, pretty obvious to add about 100% of votes in one night.

    Btw, if anyone needs this eventually, with this SQL command you can trim the quotes you have entered so far:
    UPDATE `wp_stray_quotes` SET `quote` = TRIM(`quote`)

  268. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: good thinking about that SQL line. Yeah there where 24 bogus votes. In fact, I deleted them all.

  269. Weblog Tools Collection: WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/10 | Aslifm Blogu Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes […]

  270. AgentSmith Says:

    Yep, saw your blog entry just after I posted my last comment.

    One note to the SQL: Apparently the SQL-function TRIM does _not_ remove line breaks. This is noteworthy because the php-function trim() does remove _any_ whitespace, as far as i know. So for future versions the PHP call is preferable, I think.

  271. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: I know. don’t worry, everything is under control… 🙂

  272. WGMking Says:

    chinese Localization here:

  273. WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/10 | BlogBroker24-7 Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes […]

  274. Bogdan Says:


    I would like to know how to make that i can display only 5 quotes to be viewed in source.

    Because for example if i have 100 quotes , all of them will be displyed in source and this is not good for seo and for page load.

    How to break them to see only 5 even i have 100 quotes in admin ?

    Many thanks.

  275. ico Says:

    @Bogdan: I am not sure I understand… Are you talking about the [all-quotes] shortcode? If so, in the source there are just as much quotes as the user sees in the page. All of them are NOT displayed in the source. unless they’re all in the page, and it really depends on the variables. How do you use this shortcode, with what variables?

  276. ico Says:

    @WGNKing: sorry I haven’t answered before, thank you so much for this localization. Great work! If you have the time to update it for 1.8.5, I’ll be more than happy to integrate it into 1.8.6.

  277. wayne Says:

    Is there a way to import multiple quotes? I have several hundred and one at a time could take awhile.

  278. ico Says:

    @wayne: in what format are them?

  279. tool Says:

    Getting a problem when adding a quote. The submit sends it to ../wp-admin/admin.php but nothing happens. I assume the url it is posting back to is incorrect? (possibly the button isn’t posting to the correct page?)

  280. tool Says:

    Turns out the _SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] variable isn’t giving back the correct path and is only giving wp-admin/admin.php. I assume it should be giving wp-admin/admin.php?page=stray_new?

  281. tool Says:

    Got it working by replacing the SERVER[‘Request_URI’] with get_option(‘siteurl’).”/wp-admin/admin.php?page=stray_new” . Hoping there is a better way since was intending on changing code (And therefore possibly making newer versions more annoying to “install”)

  282. ico Says:

    @tool: adding a quote is a kind of a big deal with this plugin, so if posting the quote didn’t work, I think most of the users would complain, don’t you think? 🙂

    The only thing I noticed with my code is that at line 161 of stray_new php, after $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ?> there is a empty space that shouldn’t be there. That’s my bad, and you can try and remove it to see if maybe that was the issue for you. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with that line. That said, your solution is also good and I might adopt it IF we figure out why this problem is occurring to you (and no one else) in the first place.

    Have you tried to disable other plugins to see if the problem still occurs?
    What address you read in the address bar when you are on the new quote page?

  283. tool Says:

    “What address you read in the address bar when you are on the new quote page?”

    The address itself is correct. As for what the varible returns, I tried a test. Basically just put a simple javascript alert as the page loaded to see what the value is. Odd thing is that when the alert went off, that $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] value was wp-admin/admin.php and was completely ignoring the actual address wp-admin/admin.php?page=stray_new. Not sure how php page life cycles work, but seems to be happening is that maybe the ‘REQUEST_URI’ isn’t correct at this time of the page load. Not sure.

    Also, have there been any issues with firefox and this plug in? Have been warned by Firebug that ActiveXObject doesn’t exist. Some research has said that firebug doesn’t use ActiveXObject.

  284. tool Says:

    Side note to my “fix”: Problems arise when trying to update a quote since my “fix” doesn’t include the various values in the url and therefore no saving can be done. I wonder if there are problems with Themes?

  285. ico Says:

    @tool: Firefox is not an issue. The ActivexObject alert in the firebug console has nothing to do with the stray_new page, which obviously does not use any activex of any sort. The themes, any theme, are not an issue since this is an Admin page.

    It just makes sense that your fix does not work when editing the quote. But as I was trying to tell you, nobody seem to be having this problem, so it must be something in your particular installation… In normal conditions $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] just works.

    Anyway, if you want to check it, don’t use a alert: just verify the source code in the browser once the page has loaded. In the form “quoteform” the action should go like this: action="/wp-admin/admin.php?page=stray_new "> (see the space that shouldn’t be there).
    Alternatively, you can add a <?php print $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ?> at the bottom of the page.

    What version do you have of WordPress? Do you happen to know what software your hosting server is based on? Have you tried disabling other plugins? Do you have any redirection in place via plugins or htaccess file?

    If your hosting server runs IIS, maybe that’s the problem… See here. I might add that fix in the next version.

  286. tool Says:

    Ok seems to be working in firefox now. I think it was a permissions issue on a couple of the files but not positive.

  287. tool Says:

    Sorry, the ActiveXObject thing was a seperate problem (The ajax link for loading a new quote) but I think it was resolved by adjusting permissions to certain files. Can’t say I love my hosting site…

    As for the rest:

    2.7.1 for WordPress
    1.8.5 for Stray Quotes
    5.X for PHP (guessing current version but it isn’t specific)

    Looks like I might have found the problem:

    Something most likely to do with the hosting site I’m at and ISS 7. The fix posted actually works.

  288. WGMking Says:

    1.8.5 chinese Localization here:

  289. Sarahe Says:

    I love your stray random quotes plugin.
    But why do you release a new version almost every week?!? I feel like I am updating it everytime I login to my site!
    Unless they are critical updates most plugin developers will combine a few updates so we’re not updating every week.

    Yes I know it is as easy as clicking a button but it’s a great big pain to have to make sure that my 900 quotes are backed up everytime before I upgrade.

    Maybe you should include a back up feature or something to take the stress off. I really don’t want to have to re enter 900 quotes and I’m sure you don’t want the abuse.

  290. Criseck Says:

    Ammm, I like a lot you`r plugin, but I don`t know how I can change the “by” with “Por”, because I`m spanish…

    For example:

    Citas (Quotes in spanish).
    “Sorry, but our princess is in another castle.” (this is the quote).
    by Mario (Yep, that “by” is the by that I need to change with “Por”).

    That`s all, goodbye and goodluck.

  291. ico Says:

    @Sarahe: I understand what you mean. It was not my intention to cause you stress and I’m sorry! But I wouldn’t backup the quotes only because of a plugin upgrade. The quotes are safe in the database and 99% of the time deactivating and re-activating the plugin won’t touch them at all. The one time a backup should be advisable I would alert the users on this website and at the WordPress repository. So maybe you can click on that button less anxiously. That said, I always promise myself I’ll update less… What happens is that sometimes you find a bug and you just don’t want the users to be bugged.

  292. ico Says:

    @Criseck: You can change everything you need in the “quotes”>”settings” page.

  293. Rajic Says:


    I started localization job to the Croatian language (almost done). But I can’t figure out how to activate language. It seems that it won’t work automaticaly in my situation.
    I have file in the lang folder, and get_locale() function gets back “hr_HR” string, but all I get is default english.
    Server is IIS 7.
    Am I missing something?

    Best regards,


  294. Criseck Says:

    Oh, thanks Ico =).

  295. Rajic Says:


    Here is Croatian localization files

    When I moved up lang folder to plugins folder, local language was activated. Is it supposed to work like that?

  296. ico Says:

    @Rajic: First off, thanks a million for your translation! Great work. I will include it in the next version. If you have a website or blog or whatnot you want me to link to in the credits, send me the web address (if it is not )
    About the path to the lang folder, if you take a look at line 26 in stray_quotes.php you’ll see that the path is not relative but absolute on the hosting server, so all the files have to be in the right place for that to work.

  297. Top 60 incredibly useful WordPress plugins to power up your blog Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes Stray Random Quotes plugin helps you collect and display random quotes everywhere on your WordPress blog. The quotes can be reloaded on the blog with Ajax automation. The plugin is widget compatible, and the appearance of the quotes can be highly customized. It comes with an easy to use, advanced management tool and an option page. […]

  298. thiefer Says:

    Hi all,

    for sure I miss something but as a newby… apologize in advance…
    I’m blogging through wordpress 2.71 and Atahualpa theme.
    I’ve uploaded your amazing plugin in the plugin directory and activated it.
    I’ve filled my quote database.
    I’ve enabled the shortcodes in bloginfo (for I want to customize my subtitle or slogan).
    I came back to the admin general settings and fulfilled the field slogan with [random-quote].
    What else to do in order to edit a random quote as a blog subtitle ?
    Many thanks for your help

  299. ico Says:

    @thiefer: nothing else… but it is not like you “edit” a random quote as blog subtitle… a quote will be randomly picked as tagline each time the page is loaded but that field in your settings will always have [random-quote] in it.

    Anyway: it is very advisable to disable AJAX for that shortcode, and also use a dedicated category of quotes, so that other series of quotes can be used elsewhere. Something like [random-quote categories="tagline" noajax="true"].
    Check this post for more.

  300. ブログを驚くほどパワーアップさせるWordPressプラグインTOP 60 - ElectronicBrain is eating BreakFast Says:

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  301. Wilson Says:


    Just trying to use the code in a template file… how would I list 4 of the quotes from one category at a time?

    Many thanks,

  302. baron Says:

    Works great, thank you

  303. wordpress, la lista dei plugin installati sul mio blog. | Says:

    […] – Stray Random Quotes – Per gestire le citazioni – V […]

  304. thiefer Says:


    Is this possible to customize the quote’s font color ?


  305. AgentSmith Says:

    Hey there,

    I just wanted to say “Hi!” once again and also thanks for the great new “Auto-refresh”-Feature, very neat!
    Figuring out how to make proper use of jQuery together with you was one of the really great memories I’ll keep about my blogging experience. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  306. WGMking Says:

    how to show date and time in quote?

  307. ico Says:

    @thiefer: Yes, you can do that in the settings page… You need to know a little html, enough to assign a style or use a “font” tag, but aside of that it is pretty simple.

  308. ico Says:

    @AgentSmith: Hey AgentSmith, great to hear from you, yeah that jQuery fight was great. Have you checked out the ajax code lately? I finally figured out the proper way to prevent a double div one inside the other, but I still can’t find a nicer way to do the transition (the fight is still on) 🙂

  309. ico Says:

    @WGMking: I guess what you want is a “insert date and time” button in the toolbar on the “new quote” page. I won’t add it because I think it is better to keep it simple…
    You can try to either edit the js_quicktags-mini.js file yourself, or you can change line 160 of stray_new.php using the path to the wordpress original quicktags file, pointing to your include/js folder. I am not sure, because i have a custom quicktags, but I seem to remember that the original quicktags file had a insert date and time button.

  310. marc Says:

    hey, where did the quote loader button go?

    i used to display a specific quote, like so: [quote id=68]
    there was a button to load another quote…
    not anymore!
    i tried to figure it out for the past hour… HELP!

  311. ico Says:

    @marc: Right. Thanks to your comment I realized that I omitted to add instructions about this shortcode on the help page.

    How it works is that there are two more variables in it other than “id”: linkphrase which allows you to customize the “next quote” link, and noajax that, if true, disables the ajax linkphrase. As it happens, and probably not reasonably, this is ‘true’ by default, so you have to add noajax=false to the shortcode to have the next quote link.

    Something like [quote id=68 noajax=false linkphrase="some phrase »"] should work.

  312. marc Says:

    @ ico: thanks for your quick reply! and ahmm, nope. doesn’t work that way, trust me, i tried a lot of things.
    it works great with the random quote [random-quote], and i get the phrase below just like i want it. it starts when i try to assign an ID to the quote… so my guess is, whatever you did with [random-quote], you could copy paste and integrate the assignment of the ID?

  313. ico Says:

    @marc: Yeah, you’re right, of course! There was a huge bug in the code. I struggled with it for a bit and after enough rewriting and testing eventually squashed it. I will release a new fix soon. Thanks for pointing this out.

  314. karl Says:

    Thanks for the fantastic plugin. I have a feature suggestion. It would be fun to enter a list of loading messages rather than one, and have the plugin randomly pick those as well. If there’s any way I could do that I’d love to know. Thanks.

  315. marc Says:

    You are the man!
    Truly a great plugin, thanks for fixing it so quickly!

  316. Jim Says:


    I’m having problems with this plugin. Today I upgraded to the new version, and now I can’t manage the quotes. The ‘Overview’ says I have 68 quotes and all visible, but the ‘Manage’ window says “No quotes here. Maybe you want to reopen this page.”
    My widget wasn’t working at first either, but after I re-installed the plugin, it’s working again.

    Can you help me to fix the ‘manage quotes’ page. Thanks!

  317. ico Says:

    @Jim: have you deleted quotes or bulk edited quotes? Probably the manage page is still trying to show quotes from a category that does not exist. Try changing category with the dropdown menu in the manage page or from the settings page.

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  319. Praditya Says:

    Hi.. I tested it on my localhost and use this template tag:

    If I change “5” to “1”, ajax loader will work (but only 1 second for 1 quote, right?). Any number except “1” will not work, so ajax loader can’t rotate quotes using interval second that we specified.

    What’s wrong??

    I only installed this plugin (ver 1.9.0) on my test blog WP 2.7.1
    Need help..

  320. Praditya Says:

    Hmm.. look’s like the template tag from my comment above gone. Here..


    (I edited the tag)


  321. Nathan Says:

    I just updated the plug in and now get:

    Warning: array_search(): Wrong datatype for first argument in /share/storage/02/is/isadore/thepeasant/wp-content/plugins/stray-quotes/inc/stray_functions.php on line 228

  322. ico Says:

    @Praditya: empty variables and string variables must be between quotes, this should work:

  323. ico Says:

    @Nathan: Are you getting this message in place of a stray_a_quote tag or a quote shortcode?
    Could you paste here what variables if any you used with either of the two?

  324. StarryNight Says:

    Just Come to thank you again for your help in changing the font color^^

  325. WordPress Plugin Releases for 03/30 | Weblog Tools Collection Says:

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  327. ico Says:

    @Nathan: can you please try the “development version” at the bottom of this page and see if it fixes your problem?

  328. WordPress Plugin Releases for 03/30 « Wizreport Says:

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  336. Larry Sawyer Says:

    Great plugin. I’m just wondering: is there a way for other users (besides the administrator) to add and manage quotes?

  337. Chris Watkins Says:

    Thanks – very nice – or will be once I can make it visible. Which leads me to:

    I want to change the text color, and I see that a few others have asked and StarryNight thanks you for the answer… Where do we find the answer, and could a link to that be put into the instructions and help pages?


  338. Rob Says:


    I can not for the life of me get an auto reloading quote on a page using the short code method. This is what I currently have:

    [random-quote timer=1 noajax=false]

    I’ve tried several variations.

    I’m using version: 1.9.2


  339. ico Says:

    @Chris Watkins: go to Quotes > Settings, you will be able to add styles and whatever elements you want before and after the parts of the quote area.

  340. ico Says:

    @Rob: The code you show here as an example is correct and should work. It works in my tests. Maybe there is another plugin or javascript conflicting with Stray Random Quotes ?

  341. ico Says:

    @Larry Sawyer: Actually it’s true, it seems that I failed to adapt Stray Random Quotes to anyone but the administrator. I’m now working on it and this ability will be included in the next version (so thanks for pointing this out!)

    For a test run of what i have so far, you can download the development version from this page. Nothing is different in it except that a user “contributor” and higher is now allowed to certain pages, including “add new quote” and parts of the help page. It does the trick but I have doubts about the manage page. If I allow a contributor to access it, he could also edit the administrator’s quotes (not cool). More work is needed to link each quote to the user that created it, and then the manage page can be opened to users. This requires a new field in the database, which is not impossible or hard but long and nasty. ugh.

  342. Interessante Wordpress-Plugins, die ich mir noch anschauen muß | Von Und Zu Says:

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  343. Harry Says:


    Maybe I overlooked something, but the reload Ajax function won’t work in Firefox. It works perfectly fine in IE8, but for some reason the quotes won’t reload in Firefox.
    I’m using 1.9.2 with WP 2.7.1


  344. Georg Says:

    Hi, great plugin.

    I have a complete Danish translation of Stray Random Quotes.

    Unfortunately, SRQ will not load the translation. I have named it and placed it in the lang-subdirectory. da_DK is the locale for my WP-installation, and it does work with other plugins.

    I am running WP 2.7.1 and I translated version 1.9.2.

    Any suggestions? Is there perhaps a way to check whether the load function does what it is intended to do? Some debug-version perhaps?

  345. Georg Says:

    Here is the (or a solution):

    Change line 17 from:

    if (DIR == ‘plugins’) $dir = ”;


    $dir = (DIR == ‘plugins’ ? ” : DIR . ‘/’);

    Kudos my son Filip.

  346. Georg Says:

    There are at least two strings that appear in the original language, even though they are translated. See

    Any suggestions?

  347. Citat-plugin med mange funktioner — WordPress tips, tricks, temaer og plugins Says:

    […] Download af danske sprogfiler samt rettet php-fil: Stray Random Quotes (0) Websteder: Hos og udvikleren […]

  348. Georg Says:

    Well, the two strings mentioned in my previous comment have decided to appear, having been told about my complaint! 😉

    A couple of pulldown menus are not so cooperative:

    Thank you for your considerations etc. My Danish translation is available here:

  349. ico Says:

    @Harry: It works in firefox… Maybe something is conflicting with it there, maybe a extension? Noscript?

  350. ico Says:

    @Georg: First of all, thanks a bunch for your translation. It will be included in the next release. And even more, thanks for pointing out the malfunctions… I overlooked in fact those drop down menus in the manage page. About the translation not working when the plugin is in the plugins folder, thanks for that too, and to your son Filip 🙂
    Also I have to ask, will it be okay to link to in the credits for your translation?

  351. Mert Says:

    I am able to use the plug-in successfully on my local environment. However, I get an internal server error 500 when I try to activate it on my remote host. Then when I somehow manage to get past that error, I keep getting a blank page when I try to save the settings or add a new quote.

  352. Jags Says:

    I have downloaded and installed plugins. it works fine with English language but it doesn’t seem Unicode friendly…..

    Please guide me…

  353. Pete Says:

    Dear Stray Quotes developer (and users),

    Well done on what seems like a very comprehensive plugin. To say you aren’t a developer is, I think, being a little modest. I’ve known some hapless developers who would love to learn a thing or two from you.

    Anyway, I’ve just tried the latest version of this plugin with WP2.6.3 and I’m disappointed to report that the widget doesn’t work. It appears on the front page but no quotes are shown. (Yes, I have added a few quotes).

    I use very few other plugins and am not getting any JS errors, so I’m lost for what the problem could be.

    Any ideas/suggestions would be welcome.



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  355. Neverhood Says:

    I love your RQ plugin and the fact that its highly customizable according to your needs.
    One thing i want to know is how to change the LOADING… thing so that the present quote Fades Out and the next quote Fades In.

  356. Some Powerful WordPress Themes | Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes Stray Random Quotes plugin helps you collect and display random quotes everywhere on your WordPress blog. The quotes can be reloaded on the blog with Ajax automation. The plugin is widget compatible, and the appearance of the quotes can be highly customized. It comes with an easy to use, advanced management tool and an option page. […]

  357. ico Says:

    @Pete: please try the latest 1.9.3. It should fix your problem…

  358. ico Says:

    @Neverhood: I am not sure i understand your request. If you want to change the “loading” message, you can do that on the settings page. If on the other hand you want to change the transition itself, the effect of dissolving and composing the quotes, no it is not possible to do that.
    But I welcome any technical advice on how to make it better with jQuery because I am sure it can get better… 🙂

  359. ico Says:

    @Jags: I think the plugin is unicode friendly. Sometimes wordpress plays tricks when encoding… see if your wp-config.php has the right encoding instructions in it.

  360. Bill Says:

    I just updated to v1.9.4 and then I adjusted the ajax options within the widget. When I was done, I tried to save the changes and it wouldn’t save.

  361. ico Says:

    @Bill: I can’t say why that should happen… Do you mean that the widget is not there after you save the changes or it is there but with the default options?

    Have you deactivated and re-activated when upgrading?

    If you want to solve this radically and are comfortable with doing things with the database directly, first remove your Quotes widgets, than open the database (with phpmyadmin or what you use on your hosting server), get to the wp_options table and just delete the widget_stray_quotes entry. This will reset all your Quotes widget settings.

  362. Bill Says:

    After I make any changes to any widget and then hit “Save Changes”, nothing happens. The page just eventually times out.

    I didn’t deactivate the plugin because I upgraded it automatically.

  363. ico Says:

    @Bill: you mean other widgets that are not “Quotes” widgets? ’cause that does not sound like something my plugin could cause… Have you checked that thing in the database?

  364. Bill Says:

    I think the problem was with a text widget that I had Google Adsense code in. It worked just fine before, so I have no idea what is going on.

  365. Tom Anderson Says:

    I have added the quote widget. Seems to have loaded fine. I changed its title to “Words of Hope…” add several quotes, everything looks ok, but the quotes aren’t showing up on the website. The title is, but no quotes. All the quotes are marked “visable.” Any ideas as to where I went wrong? thanks

  366. ico Says:

    @Tom Anderson: I am not sure what the problem is… can you look at the source of the page from the browser and tell if something (not visible) is loaded underneath the title of the quote? Like a div or something?

  367. medallion Says:

    Nice changes…I have one small IE error that follows me around everywhere. When I deactivate Random Quotes the error disappears.
    Line: 1
    Char: 1
    ‘a’ is not null or an object.

  368. ico Says:

    @medallion: I know but I thought I fixed it with 1.9.5– Have you tried that yet?

  369. medallion Says:

    yes. i have 1.9.5 installed automatically.

  370. medallion Says:

    cleared cache and restarted…that fixed it. 🙂

  371. Tony Shen Says:

    This is such a useful plugin! Is it possible to put some php code inside the quote?

  372. ico Says:

    @Tony Shen: No it is not possible… what do you had in mind?

  373. Tony Shen Says:

    Actually… I was writing website for my wedding. I wanted to used php to calculate the number of days since we first met… (cheesy, I know…. haha)

  374. ico Says:

    @Tony Shen: you don’t need to do it with this plugin. If you already have the php function that returns the number of days, why don’t you just add it to the template using echo? Something like <?php echo days_left() ?>?

    If you don’t have it yet, but you can edit your template directly, I recommend using javascript instead. Searching with google very quickly returned this: You can use that script on your page, no?

    BTW: congratulations on the wedding 🙂

  375. Tony Shen Says:

    Thanks. There are quite a few short sentences (which are static) I want to display too. The AJAX loader is particularly suitable because it dynamically loads a random sentence. You will see what I mean:

  376. WordPress Plugin Releases for 03/30 - Word Press Magazine Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes […]

  377. No Weekly Geeks this week, but… | The Bookkeeper Says:

    […] Tons of challenges, prizes etc. to be had. However, I was busy without reading. After upgrading WordPress yesterday, non-working tags, and my old wordpress theme not to my liking anymore, I changed the looks of the blog today. I redid the categories, the tags and kicked out a few pages with challenges I’m not following anymore. And I had fun creating a couple of header and sidebar images. Not to forget the cool widget with the quotes from italy is falling. […]

  378. Rikki Says:

    I absolutely love your plugin. It works like a charm – no complaints whatsoever. BTW, I love the Goethe and the Sciascia quotes (especially the latter – so true!).

  379. WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/19 | Weblog Tools Collection Says:

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  380. WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/19 | BlogBroker24-7 Says:

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  381. WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/19 « Wizreport Says:

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  382. WordPress Plugin Releases for 19th April 2009 | PATRON.ORG.UK Says:

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  383. WordPress Plugins Releases: 4/15-4/20 | WPThemes - WordPress Themes Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes […]

  384. Says:

    my site is in urdu Is this possible to put quotes in Urdu/Arabic/Hebrew basically unicode. When i put data in unicode (urdu) then nothing happens and a simple blank qoute is being added.
    Any help regarding this issue?

  385. ico Says: The plugin is utf-8 compatible so there should be no problems as long as your wordpress install has the right encoding in wp-config. Anyway it is strange that the quotes are blank. If the encoding fails they should come up with meaningless symbols and not blank. If they are inserted empty in the database something else is going on. Can you give a look at the wp_stray_quotes table in the database and see if the quotes you inserted are there or not?

  386. al Says:

    previous version broke NextGen gallery and Simple Forum. This version still breaks NextGen. Cheerio.

  387. ico Says:

    @al: can you give some specifics? what is being broken? would you consider to allow me the time to fix it before giving it a bad rating?

  388. Jordan Says:

    Is it possible to display only one quote per day using this plugin?

    Thanks for the plugin! Just started using it on my blog.

  389. ico Says:

    @Jordan: right now the quotes are changed whenever the page is reloaded or even more frequently using ajax. So no, it is not possible. But what you suggest is a interesting feature, sort of a “quote of the day” thing, and I might consider implementing it in the next future. that is, if it’s not too complicated.

  390. Randy Says:

    Great plugin. Love it. I did have one problem and I noticed that someone else had the same one. Even though the default is checked to make all new quotes visible, it didn’t work.
    I was able to edit the quote and make it visible and have to manually check “make visible” when I add a new quote. Not a big problem, I can deal with it, but I thought you should know if it comes up again.

  391. ico Says:

    @Randy: I cannot reproduce the problem you are referring to, the setting works in my test. This is a old, solved issue and I don’t think anyone had this problem for many versions… are you using the latest version of the plugin? Have you upgraded deactivating and re-activating the plugin?

    If you do have the last version, consider using the ‘reset the settings’ function on the tools page. Or, for more drastic measures, try deleting the stray_quotes_option entry in the table wp_options in the database first, and then deactivate and re-activate the plugin. None of these operations will harm your quotes.
    Let me know how it works out.

  392. Randy Says:

    The problem only happened on the first quote I entered. After I made the last post I went back and entered a bunch more and they all defaulted to visible. I don’t know why, but it’s working fine now.
    Question, though, I saw someone else asked about a “quote of the day” option. I set the widget refresh to 86400 seconds (24 hours), thinking that might work, but it still changes when the page is refreshed. It won’t change by clicking on the quote, though. I assume this is how you intended it. Are you still planning to add a quote of the day function later? I’m fine with the way it works now, but no change on refresh would be great.

  393. ico Says:

    @Randy: well the timer is imagined to work on intervals of few seconds or so, so that the quotes would rotate while the user is on the page. This is also why having on the same widget manual and automatic reload is not really necessary (it is still possible to have the timer on one widget and the manual refresh on another though).
    The quote is always refreshed on page load no matter how since manually or not a reloading event is expected to be triggered in a short time.
    About the “quote of the day” thing, I am thinking about it, but it is not obvious right now how to integrate it with the rest of the existing code so I can’t promise it will be done. But you know, stay tuned.

  394. WordPress Plugin - Stray Random Quotes | Her Media - Online Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Says:

    […] More at the developers site or install the WordPress  random quote plug in by searching the words “Stray Random […]

  395. Ewan Says:

    Hi guys, nice plugin. I was wondering if it is possible to display all the quotes on a page of their own? Maybe some code to display them in a long list on a WP Page. I would like to use this plugin to manage and display customer testimonials.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

  396. ico Says:

    @Ewan: you can use the all-quotes shortcode with the proper settings, in particular consider the rows setting. See the help page included with the plugin for more. Also note that from the next version shortcodes will change names for compatibility reasons so stay tuned.

  397. Shelley Says:

    Sorry to worry you but don’t know what to do here, I deleted from cPanel and tried to re-install to solve problem, but I told latest update and won’t re-install.

    Herewith code on my website, please help as I am new to blogging and not sure what I have done.

    Call to undefined function wp_quotes_random() in /home1/cyberspi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/thesis-openhook/functions.php(228) : eval()’d code on line 2

    Thank you for your help

  398. ico Says:

    @Shelley: apparently there is a conflict caused by the “thesis-openhook” plugin, or the thesis theme. I cannot solve this conflict since I don’t know how these work. I can tell you this problem is not caused by Stray Random Quotes itself.

  399. Scott D. Farquhar: Composer and Performer Says:

    […] low-priority tasks for the web page was to have random composer quotes show up. Well, I just found a really nifty wordpress plugin for doing this, and I managed to incorporate it very easily and I think this will be a lot of fun. […]

  400. olhar Says:

    Hi, great plugin !
    Trouble : i have quotes twice, on header and in an widget.
    How may i disable the one on the header ?
    Thanks in advance.

  401. makomi » Blog | Wordpress-Plugins « Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes […]

  402. WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/19 - Word Press Magazine Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes […]

  403. Scuba Says:

    I wanna replace the another quote » with an image how do I do that?

  404. ico Says:

    @Scuba: I never tried myself, but I think you can do it if 1) you upload the image to your server 2) you replace the “another quote” phrase with the HTML code that points to that picture.
    Something like <img src="" />

    Let me know if it works.

  405. Fearlessflyer Design » Free WP Theme - The Garamond Says:

    […] threads. I’ve also added a random quote container right below the header – which requires the Stray Quotes plugin by You can view the demo from this link, or download directly from here. […]

  406. Grant Says:

    Is there any way to get a comma delimited or tab delimited file into the Quotes table.

  407. Update: More Quotes! - Romantic Torment Says:

    […] a tremedous amount of emotion, or eloquently summarize a point. That said, I’ve moved the Stray Random Quotes WordPress plug-in to the near top of this site, and have added about 20 more quotes. I’ll […]

  408. Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome Says:

    I’d like to use Stray Random Quotes and display more than one quote at a time but I’m not using the automatic widget – if I do two calls of wp_quotes_random() in my template I get duplicates on quotes sometimes (both calls hitting the same quote). Is there a way I can make it display 2 random quotes using just one call of wp_quotes_random()?


  409. ico Says:

    @Alex Fayle: Yes you can do that and more. You have to use the stray-random-quote tag and its variables. Everything is explained on the help page (quotes > help in your admin menu)

  410. amy Says:

    nextGen conflict -possible fix.

    I love the plugin – but have been struggling to make it work with nextGen installed.
    It seems the problem is a conflict with the shortcode [random-quotes]
    – specifically, the word ‘random’ – I changed it to [stray-quotes](line 601)
    and it seems to be working like a charm.

  411. ico Says:

    @amy: I am aware of the problem. It is NextGen’s fault actually, because they have chosen too common names for their shortcodes. They were bound to cause conflicts. Moreover, their shortcodes aren’t initiated correctly and as a consequence wordpress or a wordpress plugin is unable to tell if they are active or not (I tried). So the only workaround would be for Stray Random Quotes to just change all its shortcodes names, like you did. The problem with this is that all users would have to correct the shortcodes in all areas where they have been used (before upgrading in the best case), or be disappointed to find out right after upgrade that something isn’t working anymore (in the most common and worst case).
    Not fun…

  412. Femi Says:

    I installed it, played with all the settings and just doesn’t seem to work or appear on the sidebar of my blog. I am using IE so is that the problem? Is this compatible with the latest version of WP?

  413. js Says:

    My apologies if I missed where you have answered this already. Is there a way I can bulk load quotes? Upload a flat file, etc?

  414. Deactivate Plugins Before Upgrading to Wordpress 2.8 | Mystic Marketing Says:

    […] Stray Quotes […]

  415. redfox Says:

    after upgrading to wordpress 2.8 plugin cant be activated!
    need help!

  416. frank Says:

    hi and thank you for this great plugin.

    it worked with wordpress 2.7.1 and it “kinda” works with wordpress 2.8 also, but there seems to be some incompatibility with “ozh admin drop down menu“. as soon as both of these plugins are actived, nearly every page in the backend (!) turns blank/white (except the dashboard). which is strange also because stray random quotes doesn’t do anything to change the look (?) of the backend, does it?

    see also there (as well as there and there) for a longer description.

    i’m afraid my programming skills actually lack enough knowledge to not be able to fix/patch this myself, as i don’t even know where to start looking or debugging. but if i can be of any help somehow, go ahead and ask. 🙂

    i’d really like to use both of your plugins at the same time. one for the users, one for the admins .. 🙂

    thanks in advance!

  417. Tim Bowen Says:

    I’m having the same issue with Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu and Stray Random Quotes. They both work individually but together they cause all sorts of display issues in WordPress 2.8.

  418. Tim Bowen Says:

    I found a fix/hack. You can take out the //add ajax script in “stray_quotes.php”. Just comment out lines 48-51 in the stray_quotes_add_js function. Everything should work fine then (though I suppose there will be missing ajax functionality, but I don’t think I was using that anyway).

    Hope this helps.

  419. Tim Bowen Says:

    ok, looks like the issue is definitely with the JS in Stray Random Quotes. I’ve noticed that even if you activate Ozh Admin Menu some of the pages (notably the Dashboard) will only partially load and none of the ajax functionality works. Fix?

  420. frank Says:

    thank you, tim. that workaround with just commeting out the js-code worked, at least it will until there’s a “proper fix” hopefully soon. 🙂

  421. Danny Says:


    I would like to limit the characters displayed in the widget and provide a link to the Quotes page at the end of every quote. For example if I set the widget quote limit to 10 chars then “This is my quote” will turn into “This is my … (read more)” The “read more” will link to a page where I use [stray-all]. Is this possible?


  422. Zarban! Says:

    Love this plugin! You helped me before, and I hope you can again. The sort feature doesn’t seem to work for me in the new version and didn’t in the previous version either.

    I’m using:
    [stray-all rows=40, orderby=”quoteID”, sort=”DESC”, categories=”all”]

    But changing the sort value to ASC or DESC doesn’t seem to matter.

  423. Zarban! Says:

    I found the WordPress support page and saw that the comment that the old Help page example was wrong. Now I’m using this, and it works great!

    [stray-all rows=40 orderby=”quoteID” sort=”DESC” categories=”all”]

  424. liang3404814 Says:

    I’m using your plugin and I am addicted~ There is only one problem, that is if I add a Japanese or Chinese quote, it will say”Something went wrong” and the new quote changes into disordered codes! I’m using wordpress 2.8 Chinese, Page is in UTF-8. English works well…..
    Can you check if there is problem when tackling non English characters?

  425. Amanda Giles Says:

    I am using the Stray Random Quotes, but cannot get the Source link to display properly. I am entering a source text of “Find Out More” then clicking the Link button to enter a URL. I see the “Find out more” text under my quote, but no link appears with it.

  426. Amanda Giles Says:

    Oh, and the website I am working on is:

  427. ico Says:

    @liang3404814: the plugin should work with UTF8. Many Chinese users use the plugin without problems. But others reported problems to yours. The only thing that I can suggest is to check if the right encoding is set in WordPress wp-config.php file. I hope one day a chinese php guru will find the time to fix this for me because I really don’t know where to look.

  428. ico Says:

    @Amanda Giles: It seems to be working now?

  429. Dallas Says:

    Excellent plugin, thank you so very much (and more to come!). 😉

    One question: are you planning to add tagging some day? That would move the plugin from “excellent” to “perfect”!

  430. Amanda Giles Says:

    It is working now, but only because I manually added the <a href rel=”nofollow”> tag into the Source text. It doesn’t work if I enter the link through the “Link” button. Isn’t is supposed to work using the button? Since I’m using WordPress as a CMS, it would be ideal if the users didn’t have to construct the <a href rel=”nofollow”> tags themselves.

    Is this a bug which might be fixed soon? I just upgraded to WordPress 2.8m but I wa using WordPress 2.7.? yesterday.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

  431. willbryner Says:

    Hi, great plugin, but only show the two first quotes I’ve wrote.

    How to solve this in wp 2.8?


  432. ico Says:

    @Dallas: You’re welcome, glad you like it! I don’t know about tagging… see I myself am not a great tagger, so I wonder about its usefulness with quotes. But I’ll think about it.

  433. ico Says:

    @willbryner: seems strange. How many quotes do you have? How are you showing them? Widgets, tags, shortcodes? What kind of settings? tell me more.

  434. ico Says:

    @Amanda Giles: First of all, trying to understand your problem I found out a little bug. Although on the “Add new quote” page the “link” buttons for author and source work, on the “edit quote” page they don’t because I forgot to put something in the code on that page.
    So, thank you for making me look! I will release a revised version soon.

    That said, your problem seem to be that links are stripped if they don’t have the rel=”nofollow” attribute. I can’t say why this happen. There must be some script on your pages to cause this, but rest assured that Stray Random Quotes does not require the rel=”nofollow” to display links. Maybe there is some other plugin or script that you can try to disable to see if that is the problem?

  435. teros Says:

    I like the fact that this plugin has additional options that some of the other random quote plugins don’t but I’m not a fan of the way that styling is applied. The ability to add individual CSS classes to individual uses of the plugin would increase the useability greatly IMO.

    I’ve set the plugin up to display quotes from a particular category on the top of my blog pages but that same layout/appearance looks like crap on a quote page or in the sidebar and the system used for styling (settings page – before and after quotes etc..) seems limited for customizing multiple styles at best.

  436. Zarban! Says:

    It would be great as a future enhancement to eliminate the page number when there is only 1 page of quotes. I’ve mashed up a bunch of short-code calls on this page ( to list quotes by author but separated into sections for easier browsing (and with anchors), but the repeated “1” for the pagination looks odd. If there’s a better way to do this, I’m all ears, but a flat list of all quotes ordered by author was too hard to browse and wouldn’t allow linking to a specific author.

  437. Zarban! Says:

    Whoop, never mind. I just found that there’s a way to turn off pagination entirely.

  438. ico Says:

    @teros: all true, but consider that there are so many layout settings. Can you imagine passing all of them from a shortcode or a template tag? And how complex would the widget option screen become?
    On the other hand, you certainly know that you can disable the layout settings from within any widget shortcode or template tag. This should help not having them looking like crap. 🙂
    For the rest, I welcome suggestions on practical ways to handle multiple layout settings for different widgets or tags. Maybe creating “templates” of styles that can later be used in a widget (for example) selecting from a drop down menu in the options?

  439. Dallas Says:

    # “I don’t know about tagging… see I myself am not a great # tagger, so I wonder about its usefulness with quotes.

    It’s useful when a collection of quotes is displayed on, say, a static page, and a visitor would like to get quotes on a certain topic (e.g. love, jealousy, intellect, in-laws, women, men, learning, success etc.). Since almost any quote can be assigned to several topics, tagging comes in pretty handy.

    # But I’ll think about it.

    That’d be great, cheers!

  440. Ian Says:

    Love the plugin but have one problem I can’t resolve. I am putting this Amazon search link into the author link box –

    – but in the published page, the link is broken, appearing as

    – that is, all & characters replaced with its code, %26, which Amazon doesn’t understand! Any idea why this is happening?

  441. ico Says:

    @Ian: it is happening because the plugin replaces those characters… it happens in the file stray_functions.php, around lines 494-495 that go like this:

    $search = array('"', '&', '%AUTHOR%');
    $replace = array('%22','%26', $Author);

    In all honesty I can’t recall why I made that replacement, but there certainly was a reason… 🙂
    What you can do is that you can comment out those lines, like this

    /*$search = array('"', '&', '%AUTHOR%');
    $replace = array('%22','%26', $Author);*/

    and see if 1) this solves your problem with the Amazon link and if 2) it doesn’t create new problems (but I am pretty sure it will.)
    Please let me know the outcome.

  442. Ian Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply, and apparently a solution!

    I have not commented out the whole lines, but just modified them as

    $search = array(‘”‘, ‘%AUTHOR%’);
    $replace = array(‘%22’, $Author);

    so that the & doesn’t get replaced. And so far all appears fine – the Amazon link works and the plugin widget appears to function normally! I am using the plugin in quite a basic fashion though – a single random quote at the bottom of a sidebar ( in a fairly basic theme.

  443. Amanda Giles Says:

    @Amanda Giles: First of all, trying to understand your problem I found out a little bug. Although on the “Add new quote” page the “link” buttons for author and source work, on the “edit quote” page they don’t because I forgot to put something in the code on that page.
    So, thank you for making me look! I will release a revised version soon.

    That said, your problem seem to be that links are stripped if they don’t have the rel=”nofollow” attribute. I can’t say why this happen. There must be some script on your pages to cause this, but rest assured that Stray Random Quotes does not require the rel=”nofollow” to display links. Maybe there is some other plugin or script that you can try to disable to see if that is the problem?

    Cool! Thanks for finding the “Edit” bug. I can at least use that as a workaround for now. As for the rel=”nofollow” – I think that was simply inserted by the “Submit Comment” thing here. My links contain no such thing, so please ignore. Thanks again!

  444. GeorgWP Says:

    Danish translation for Stray Random Quotes is updated for version 1.9.9 and available here:

  445. ico Says:

    @GeorgWP: Thanks! I am including it in the release right away.

  446. Carlos Says:

    If insert a new quote the screen say:

    “To insert it in a post use: [quote id=12]. To revi..”

    But the code to insert quotes in post is now: [ stray-id id= xxx ]

    Thanks for nice plugin…

  447. ico Says:

    @Carlos: whoops. thanks.

  448. art Says:


    I am new to wordpress, and I think I have problem with my sidebar, I can only insert widgets manually.

    Can you please provide a code to input in the sidebar.php for this plugin to work?

    Much appreciated!!


  449. ico Says:

    @art: you mean you need to make your theme widget-compatible? Or that you have a specific problem with my plugin?

  450. tomato Says:

    Hi, there,
    I love the plugin you wrote!

    But, I couldnt figure out where to set up the “automatic rotation” for quotes or include “show me next quote” in the widget.
    It’s not in the settings page in the admin side.
    I tried to look into the php files but no luck yet. :p

    Could you advise me on this?

    Many thanks!
    ps: I’m using 1.9.9 of your plugin.

  451. ico Says:

    @tomato: it is in the widget options, “rotate every x seconds”. You can have many quote widgets and each can have its settings.

  452. tomato Says:

    @ico thanks for your quick reply! that helped.
    But the function only works on explorer on my pc, not on firefox.
    If I set the interval to 1 sec, it works on firefox but otherwise it wouldn’t do it.
    Neither work the reload phrase.

    I found this that you wrote.
    is it still same issue?
    Any other suggestion?

    Many thanks!

  453. Adam Says:

    Hey there!

    First, thanks for the AWESOME plugin. It’s really perfect except for the one small problem I’m having.

    It seems that I can’t get the sequence=true tag to work in the short code. It’s also apparent that unchecking the “Random” button in the widget does work either. No matter what I try, I can’t get them to load in order. I’ve spent a couple of hours searching the site and the code and I can’t seem to pinpoint why.

    The site is It’s on the front page in the bottom right.

    Any help would be appreciated very much!


    Skype: adamcarlan

  454. Adam Says:

    Correction >>

  455. Adam Says:

    Correction #2 >> unchecking the “Random” button in the widget DOES NOT work either

    Sorry about that!

  456. ico Says:

    @tomato: I don’t have other suggestions other than checking for possible conflicts, because I can’t reproduce the problem. In my tests the functionality on Firefox and IE is the same. It happened though, that a javascript conflict would reveal itself in Firefox, but be solved by IE somehow. If you have familiarity with it, check both FF and IE error consoles (or use Firebug in FF). You can past here error messages that you think might be related with Stray Random Quotes.

  457. ico Says:

    @Adam: Looking at your site I can’t tell whether your quotes are loaded in order or not because I don’t know what their order is supposed to be. But I trust they are not in order, like you say 🙂
    I can’t reproduce the problem but I know that sometimes, if you click for next quote right away, the sequence is broken, so make sure to give time to the script to end loading one quote before you ask for another. Maybe that is why you felt the sequence did not work?

  458. tomato Says:

    So, the issue’s only on firefox (both on PC/Mac). The automatic rotation works well on Safari on Mac and IE on PC.
    As suggested, I’m trying to look at firebug console.
    I do get some errors there but it doesn’t look like related to stray quote though. It comes from yahoo pipes I’m using :p

    Do you think you could take a look at my test site to point out what could be the problem?

    I really appreciate your advice.
    Many many thanks!

  459. Small_Whiz Says:

    Hey..Nice Plugin..
    I have a small problem though..The AJAX functionality doesnt work..
    When I click on quote to show the next quote it just says Loading…and the quote doesnt show up..

    Any ideas ?


  460. Vivek Says:


    the stray quotes seem to be a wonderful plugin. However, it doesn’t seem to work with UTF character set. I have a site in Indian language Hindi. Quotes Collection works perfectly there; but stray quotes fails to work. Can you help?

  461. ico Says:

    @Small_Whiz: script/plugin conflict? messages in the console?

  462. ico Says:

    @tomato: I looked at your website, as far as I can tell the error seem to be somewhere in coda-slider-condensed.js. It is possible that Firefox stops loading javascript there. I don’t understand Javascript well or quickly enough to be of much help unfortunately.

  463. ico Says:

    @Vivek: Someone has brought this problem up before but I still can’t figure it out. It is not obvious (for me I mean) without having a test OS and browser set in the right language.
    I looked into quotes collection and the only thing I noticed is that it specifies the collation of the table when it is created the first time (while mine leaves it to the database to pick one).
    If you can look into your database (via phpmyadmin for example), would you be so kind to tell me what kind of collation the wp_stray_quotes table has, and if it is different from that of the other tables?

  464. Ryuhack Says:

    Hi Everyone ^^, I have a problem that maybe you can help me with; when I try to activate “Toogle shortcodes” in the Tools for Stray Random Quotes page I get this error message:

    Shortcodes not enabled. Something went wrong!

    Any suggestions of how to solve this?

    Using WordPress 2.8.2

  465. Ryuhack Says:

    solved the problem. I only deactivated all the shortcodes and then activated again… A big Woops for me.

    Now I just want to know how to disable The Quote Area in a single post, because I use K2 and i have some in the Before/after quote area, but I don’t want it on my posts, how can I remove that???

    Thanks for the wonderful plugin

  466. ico Says:

    @Ryuhack: wordpress cut out your snippets of code. Anyway maybe you can use the disableaspect=true variable?

  467. js Says:

    Thanks for this plugin – it’s great.

    Can you tell me where the quotes are stored? What would the file name be? Can the file be edited directly? I have a list of quotes in an excel spreadsheet and would like to upload them in batch and not have to do so one by one. Any options for this?

    Thanks for your help!

  468. ico Says:

    @js: the quotes, like all other content in wordpress, are stored in the database. You can access the database from your server using a tool called phpmyadmin. Once in phpmyadmin, there are tools to import and export tables of content.

  469. BBQ quotes and other misadventures | No Excuses BBQ Says:

    […] plugin that allows me to annoy everyone that visits the site with a random quote from the list (Stray Random Quotes, for anyone who is interested). This way everyone gets to share in the fun (or be annoyed by them, […]

  470. Small_Whiz Says:

    @ico:The error message console is empty..

    I use iNove theme with the foll plugins:
    WP-Recent Comments


  471. ico Says:

    @Small_Whiz: I don’t know, try disabling them one by one, also look for other scripts that might be present in the page.

  472. Nick Spirov Says:

    Hello and big thank you for this great plugin!
    I had the same problem as discussed on comment page 11 with encoding (search for “urdu”). My installation is Bulgarian/Cyrillic and also uses UTF8. All cyrillic characters are saved as ????????s.
    I found where the problem is and I hope to help everyone with the same problem.
    When your plugin creates the database table, it gets created with “Latin” encoding/collation. I used phpMyAdmin to change the table collation and each field’s collation to Unicode and everything works fine now.
    Hope this helps.

  473. C.P Says:

    Hello! Have many thank for your great Stray Random Quotes plugin. We love it!
    I would ask for an hint: I will allow every “editor” in the backend to edit all quotes… also to see and to edit own and foreign quotes. Is there a hint what i can do? Can you make a option to do this in the future?


  474. ElShaddai Edwards Says:

    I am having the same problem that Adam mentioned back on page 13 of the comments. I am displaying three quotes at a time as part of a testimonial section and need to be able to advance through the stored quotes sequentially. I currently have 6 quotes saved, so 2 pages of quotes.

    After advancing through 2 or 3 “pages” of quotes, the order starts to randomize from the stored order, regardless of how long I wait for the script to load.

    I am using the stray_random_quote template tag with the following values:


    Is there a way to get true sequential behavior such that the quotes stay in order?

    Suggestion: could there be Next and Previous buttons to allow visitors to page forward and backward through the quotes? Or replace the More button with a Back button when the user reaches the end of the quotes?

    I thank you in advance for any insight you can provide.

  475. Steven Says: using SRQ in the Happy Clients block, works fine untill I apply Ajax, tried removing all scripts and even code from template, seems like not calling Ajax script? Any help appreciated,

    Is there a help forum

    thanks Steven

  476. Steven Says:

    Reply to Previous post, fixed it my ignorance sorry

  477. Maeve Says:

    Hello. Thanks so much for this plugin. Is it possible to change the background color of the quote box that is a widget in my sidebar?
    Thanks again!

  478. Ludovic Says:

    I am running this plugin inside my wordpress widget, and it worked fine in all broswer except google chrome. When i view my website in google chrome with this plugin, it cause my website’s navigational bar on the left side to become disoriented on the page. click here to check out a screenshot here:

  479. Maître Mô Says:

    And thank you very much for this great plugin !
    I have just finished to translate it in french (Whaouh ! I like words, but you too !!!), and you can find the .po and .mo files here, on my special blog page :
    Hope that it will be usefull for every french user !
    Thanks again.

  480. ryan Says:

    like the plugin, but want to know what can we use to include it in a template without using the widgets? Just a simple template tag?

    Can you include the non-widget implementationi in your documentation?


  481. ryan Says:

    found it…thanks for the great plugin

  482. Tom Says:

    Is there a way to get the quotes to fade in and out when they automatically advance when using the widget, instead of just having it jerkily shoot the next quote into the widget?

  483. Dan Green Says:

    Hi and thanks for such a well thought out and executed plugin.

    We’re using it on this site- as well as my own company site.

    In IE * the styling does not apply but instead the body text styles take over.

    This may be outside what you intended to support but I was hoping you could take a quick peak. This one was a favor for a good cause so we couldn’t bring in our A-team who actually know what they’re doing with cross browser CSS.

    Anyway, we’ll continue to make donations for each site on which we use this great plugin.

  484. Loi-B Says:

    I’ve just installed the plugin to my wordpress running 2.8.4.
    My problem is that my blog is in Danish and therefore the plugin is in Danish as well – the translation is however so poor that it’s impossible to understand and I couldn’t find the commands online ^^
    I want a single, random quote out of all my quotes (meaning: no categories) to be shown. I’m using a theme called Monochrome 2.0 by mono-lab that has an informationfield where I want to have the quote shown.
    I’ve tried the following with no succes:

    I’ve also tried:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  485. Firelight Says:

    Hi there, nice plugin 🙂

    It seems that whenever I try to insert special characters like chinese or japanese I get the following error:

    Failure: Something went wrong when trying to insert the quote. Try again?

    It’s working fine with english characters though. Anyway to fix that?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  486. strikerdcs Says:

    Fairly new to all of this so I hope you bear with me. I placed the quotes in the header but they are spreading the width of the page. I know there is a simple fix but I am new. I tried to adjust the width but it didnt work. Do I need to place the quote in a container or table of some sort? I would like it to stay within a 600px box.

    Possibly show me the code to accomplish this. Tks

    Great plug-in by the way, no problems.

  487. cristian Says:

    I like to get the empty english .po file so i can start a translation. Where i can download it?

  488. Mert Says:

    I love this plug-in, however I am having trouble activating it with the latest installation of my web site. I’m running WP 2.8.4, and SRQ 1.9.9. However, when I try to activate the plugin, I get the following error message:

    WordPress database error Field ‘user’ doesn’t have a default value for query
    INSERT INTO wp_stray_quotes (`quote`, `author`, `source`)
    values (‘Always tell the truth. Then you don\’t have to remember anything.’, ‘Mark Twain’, ‘Roughin\’ it’)
    made by activate_plugin, do_action, call_user_func_array, quotes_activation

    WordPress database error Duplicate column name ‘user’ for query
    ALTER TABLE `wp_stray_quotes` ADD COLUMN `user` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL AFTER `visible`
    made by activate_plugin, do_action, call_user_func_array, quotes_activation

    I assume I could ignore the second one, but what about that trouble with the missing user value? Should I also ignore this INSERT for the sample data?

  489. winni Says:

    nearly perfect, only thing i miss is a tagging system as it has in “Quotes Collection”

  490. brandonshaw Says:

    Hi Ico,

    I would like to start by saying thank you for such an impressive plugin! I am curious however, if there is an easy way to add a search option for visitors so that they can search for a quote. I know that it would involve searching the DB where the quotes are held, but do you have any insight or suggestions how to do it easily?


  491. Jason Says:

    I’m having a problem trying to relocate my test WP installation onto a live server.

    I’ve used the WP-DBManager plugin to create the backup file. I’ve uploaded and restored that file into the new installation. I can see that there are 43 records in the ‘stray random quotes’ table within the database.

    I cannot access the records/quotes within the Quotes interface in the admin section. Any clues on how I can restore them w/o having to retype them all?

    Thanks for this plugin. Very cool.

  492. Tico Says:

    Greetings, we have your plugin in our sidebar via widget menu

    The problem is that now the linking of the “Read More” does not work. It worked before so I cannot figure out why it would stop??? Basically, I added the link in the Read More text and linked the quote to the entire quote in the posts.

    Please help, the hyperlinking is not working

  493. Tico Says:

    It is working again. For some reason the database scrambled the “REad More” text and put it in front of the <a href and also removed the

    Working again thanks

  494. Edward Palomo Says:

    hi! i find your plugin very useful. it’s well integrated to my theme. however, it sometimes omits the ending h1 tag that causes my markup to be invalid. is there a fix to this? thank you very much and more power!

  495. Ted Thompson Says:

    Running with WP_DEBUG true showed and error – adding “else { $userquery = ”; } at line 107 fixed it…

    As in:

    $multiuser = $quotesoptions[‘stray_multiuser’];
    if ( $contributor && $multiuser == ‘Y’ ) {

    if ($categoryquery != ”)
    $userquery = ‘ AND `user`=\”. $contributor.’\”;
    $userquery = ‘ WHERE `user`=\”. $contributor.’\”;

    } else { $userquery = ”; }

  496. Christophe Says:

    only admin can manage the plugin
    editor or contributor dont see plugin on the interface.
    then can’t manage anymore.
    please let me know how to do.
    Thank you

  497. Mike Says:

    Hi Ico,

    cool plugin, even as WP beginner and non-coder I found myself right in it.
    Tried it and like it 🙂

    However, I seem to have problems with special german/austrian characters (ä, ü, ö, ß for example). They come out as e.g. ä, ü and ß on the blog itself.
    So the quote “Wer sich darauf versteht, das Leben zu genießen, muss keine Reichtümer anhäufen” is shown as “Wer sich darauf versteht, das Leben zu genießen, muss keine Reichtümer anhäufen”.

    Given Nick Spirovs hint from August 7th I changed the collation for the table and the fields manually from latin1_swedish_ci to UTF8_general_ci, as the rest of the database is as well.

    Within the database everything looks as desired.

    Any ideas, what else I could try to make it work?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  498. Kevin Hines Says:

    I have no idea how to activate shortcodes for bloginfo!
    What am I missing? I am using WordPress 2.8.6

  499. Anton Says:

    Hi. I’m slowly translating you plugin to Russian. Are you interested in full translation? Will you continue to work on this plugin?

  500. Anton Says:

    Also, comments here are in starnge order, don’t you think?

  501. Marcis Says:

    I find your widget more functional than Quotes Collection EXCEPT Stray Random Quotes dosn’t work with languages/characters that WP (as well as Quotes Collection plugin) works with!!!

    (My language has characters like “ā, ē, ī, ž” that get “crippled” in your plugin. So I can’t use it… 😦

    I guess that it is a problem for many many users. Please make this plugin compatible with other character sets!

  502. bob Says:

    it doesnt seem to pick up css for me other than blockquote.

    I have this in my css

    .xquote {
    margin: 0 0.8em;
    color: #9e2222;
    background-image: url(images/quote.png);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: right top;

    and this on the options page for before and after the quote area ;

    it doesnt pick up any of the markup

  503. zonebattler Says:

    I use the plugin to display thumbnail images in the sideabar, linked to the respective articles. After updating WordPress from v2.8.6 to v2.9, newly entered “quotes” are not working anymore since all quotation marks in the text (=HTML syntax) get an additional (and useless) preceding backslash!


    … width=”150″ height=”150″ …

    is stored as

    … width=\”150\” height=\”150\” …

    which won’t work anymore, of course. I think a fix is necessary to ensure the plugins functionality under WP 2.9!


  504. zonebattler Says:

    It found the reason for the strange misbehaviour myself, it was due to a missing php.ini in the wp-admin folder. After loading up a new php.ini file with the line “safe_mode = off”, everything was fine again…

  505. Zeta Says:

    Thanks for your work. I want to make a suggestion.

    “When aspect settings are disabled, the only element added is a whitespace between the quote and the author or source.”

    I’d like an option to choose what will be the element I want to add. Like a – / * or even a “”

  506. Thomas Says:

    Great plugin, but I’m having a problem.

    Quotes with an apostrophe in them (I’ll meet you there) turn into this when published (I\’ll meet you there).

    The backslash is inserted wherever there is an apostrophe. What could be causing this?



  507. Cody Says:

    I tried searching for the answer to my question through the seeming thousands of comments on this thread…but to no avail. Simply put, how do I not begin with a random quote? I want to start with the same quote each time and in the same order, every time.

    As it is, I have about a dozen quotes and more than 1/2 the time it will display the same quote 3 or 4 times in a row, regardless of whether ‘Random’ is checked or unchecked. No good…

    Thanks in advance.

  508. Curt Grymala Says:

    Thanks for the great plugin. I’m working on a handful of Web sites right now (still in private development stage) and I’m using this plugin on a few of them. It seems to be working very well for me. You’ve saved me a great deal of time by writing this plugin.

    My only question is: Is there a way to associate an image with a specific quote? I’m planning to use this plugin on the front page of a Web site. On the front page, we’ll be displaying random quotes/promotions, but each one will have an image to go with it. If at all possible, I’d like to use this plugin to do it, but I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to get images to match up with the quotes when they’re loaded.

  509. Selym Says:

    Just installed and activated plugin and I am getting the trailing back slash for every apostrophe in a quote similar to Thomas’ issue in his post on 1/5/2010. (WP 2.9.1) Any idea how to fix?

  510. shoaib Says:

    thnx for such a wonderful plugin

  511. Jaco Beach Real Estate Says:

    Greetings Ico,

    We have been using your plugin for 8 months without any problems. But within the last few weeks, somehow the plugin is deleting the entries. We have about 30 entries and we use this as a Client Testimonials section

    Can you tell me why the db is being erased, what would be the causes of this, and how I can prevent this in the future.

    Thank you

    ps: luckily I have a backup otherwise this would be a pain in the arse to reinstall all of the testimonials

  512. GreekStar Says:

    i need this .. thanks

  513. Barry McCabe Says:

    Hi – Thanks for the plugin, great stuff! I have used it successfully on one clients site and am having a problem with another.

    As mentioned in a comment above, a ‘\’ is being placed before any apostrophes in the quote and messing up the display.

    I use a VPS so have disabled safe mode for this domain, but hasn’t made any difference unfortunately.

    Any advise on how to sort this?

    THanks in advance.


  514. Aaron Says:

    Any plans on updating this plugin for WP 2.9.1 ?
    It’s not working (at least not for me) I can’t access the widget in the widget toolbar.

  515. Adam Says:

    I’m interested in putting styles within the quote such as text size for certain parts of it and such Anyone have any ideas?

  516. Charley Says:

    I’m having the same problem with apostrophe’s after installing on my blog at – all quotes with apostropher’s get a back slash added to it – IE: It\’s

    Is there a fix for this???

  517. Charley Says:

    The fix I came up with for now for the apostrophe’s – use this HTML mark up: '

  518. Arnaud Mercier Says:


    stray quotes is exactly what I was looking for. Great Plugin, many options ….

    However, it seems like the Italic and Bold options doesn’t work. I see the quote in Italic in the “manage quotes” section, but never on my website (Tried with Firefox and IE).

    I’m on WordPress 2.9.1

    Any idea ?



  519. godkid Says:

    Is there a way to style stray quotes in a page differently than those in the widget? From what I see styling is centralized so that all quotes will take on similar styling – which is fine, but not what is ideal for my install.

    I want to be able to keep the widget in the left inheriting styles while defining a style for the listing on the page.

  520. Arnaud Mercier Says:


    finally found a solution. The point here is that the html code generated by the plugin is not correct. When you clic on “italic” it inserts before the quote and after the quote. Thet’s not the “Italic Style”. In order to get an Italic quote, you have to insert before and after.

    same for “Bold”. The Plugin gives and instead of the correct Bold command : and .

    Problem solved ….

  521. Meini Says:

    Thanks for this plugin mate, I just can’t understand a lot of your instructions. For example how is this “on the fly thing” supposed to work?

    You say “To create quotes on the fly, drag the link below to your bowser toolbar. How to use: When you find some text in a web page that you want to turn into a quote, select the text and click on the link.”
    Drag what link? what toolbar? Click where? I have tried all sorts of things, but just don’t get it or it does not work. I must admit I only tried in IE8 though.

    Sorry mate it might be a good program and you definetly have put a lot of hard work into it, but your user interface and instructions need to be looked.

    BTW none of your pictures on this site work at the moment.

  522. Meini Says:

    Alright I got it now. I don’t use toolbars where i can put links on (too much clutter for me). So i put that javasript link into Favorites. It worked but I got bombarded with all sorts of security red tape and it srewed up the website layout I was looking at. So I figure it is easier to just do a cut and paste the text that i want in my quote database.

    Thanks for all the effort you put into this. I actually start to like it a lot.

    Do you have any documentation on “The AJAX loader”? I would like to give users the options to navigate through the quotes (back and forth).

  523. zonebattler Says:

    Folks, I’m afraid that the author of this plugin (and this blog) is no longer around and I doubt that he will ever come back: The most recent blog post here dates from July 16, 2009. All image files througout this blog are no longer available, probably because the webspace where they were has been erased and deleted.

    ico’s latest answers here in this thread (funnily enough semi-chronologically sorted to the end of this row of comments) dates from August 3, 2009. So I’m afraid that we are completely on our own now with all issues regarding any of ico’s plugins.

    Wherever he is, good luck to him!

  524. Lisa Says:

    I had the same problem as everyone else with the trailing backslash preceding my apostrophes.

    Zonebattlers fix corrected this. I created a php.ini file containing “safe_mode = off” and uploaded that to the wp-admin folder. Worked like a charm. If you already have a php.ini file there, just add the additional line.

  525. Ole Says:

    When I have a single quote in a string, it is automatically escaped.
    ex: “Always tell the truth. Then you don\’t have to remember anything.”
    Do you know how to correct this problem?

    Thanks 🙂

  526. Ole Says:

    The plugin seems to escape single quotes…

    ex: “Always tell the truth. Then you don\’t have to remember anything.”

    How do I correct this? I can remove the escape character in the database, but that is rather inconvenient…

  527. Uoic Says:

    After reaching 400 + quotes, the Ajax functionality stopped working. When the quote is clicked to load the next one, the widget is hanging on “loading…”

    WordPress 2.9.2

  528. rosslynnie Says:

    Argh, I’ve updated to 1.9.9 and now none of my quotes show up under the ‘manage’ area. Still visible on the site, though, have no idea what the problem is… any help? :S

  529. Shonari Says:


    Is there anyway i can add multiple quotes at a time? Cheers

  530. bentrem Says:

    Nice to see that this plugin is still rockin’!

    FWIW the “load next” text didn’t appear … I had it on auto-load so it made no different, but I thought that was odd. (running 2.9.2)

    Can I RFE? (Partly because I hate having extra stuff in my database) I sure would like to see this load quotes from a file. I have a whole pile of quotes. Entering them manually is deff PITA.
    Isn’t loading from a file simpler? I mean /much/?


  531. bentrem Says:

    @zonebattler – I just came across your comments … and yes, danged odd that his last comments appear at the bottom of the comment area, out of chronological order.

    Dang … no idea what happened to him …
    … I’m going to snoop around see what the story is.

    It’d be a shame if this plugin fell into dis-repair.

  532. Max Nomad Says:

    Greetings, all,

    First and foremost, I think the Stray Random Quotes plugin is great. I’m using it both for random quotes and for client testimonials on my website. The only problem I’ve run into is the AJAX Loader. AJAX seems to be working fine but it shows “loading…” and hangs whenever it tries to load another quote. The rest of the page works fine but where the quote should be it just shows ‘loading…’

    If you want to see this hang, visit the link below, look at the sidebar, and click on the quote beneath the “Food-4-Thought” heading:

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? I’m currently using WordPress 2.9.2. Thanks in advance…

  533. bentrem Says:

    1st: I think we’re on our own here … Ico’s last comment and last post were summer of 2009.
    2nd: this has come up a number of times. Can you guys get together see if there’s something in common in these cases?
    3rd: I’ve got mine set for auto and have no problems … running 2.9.2


    p.s. I would be happier if it picked a start point in the list at random and then just shuffled forward. Maybe someone can work on this with me?
    p.s.2 RFE: work from a file of quotes rather than using database

  534. Max Nomad Says:

    As a matter of fact, I just figured out the problem. The permissions on that folder got screwed up and it was WORLD WRITEABLE. I reset it to 755 and it’s working fine now.

  535. Christoph Says:

    How can I import or export quotes??

  536. Max Nomad Says:

    As far as I’ve seen (and as of this writing), there’s no built-in function to import or export quotes. If you’re familiar with MySQL at all and using phpMyAdmin (which most web hosts have set up for MySQL database admin), then you can easily find the WordPress database and export the Stray Quotes table (wp_stray_quotes) into a comma delimited text file. Importing quotes is a different story because it’ll require some scripting to properly add the other stuff. The fields are quoteID, quote, author, source, category, visible, user.

    Good luck with it.

  537. traumaturgist Says:

    i can’t get the single quotes to parse correctly in my quotes listing. Safe Mode has always been OFF, and I even inserted a php.ini file with safe_mode = off for goo dmeasure. Nothing. It’s still stored with the backslashed single quote. Too bad people write great plugins like this and then disappear..

  538. rsconsult Says:

    To fix the single quote issue of placing a \ in front of the ‘ put ' in place of the \’ in the quote.


    Issue – you\’re
    Fix – you're

  539. Kevin Says:

    Wonderful, works great 🙂

    I have a Feature Request/Idea which I believe should be fairly simple considering the AJAX loader is already implemented: Automatically give a new quote every N seconds.

  540. traumaturgist Says:

    Kevin: I think you can already do this. Go to Appearances/Widgets in your Dashboard and open the menu for the Quotes widget. In the far right column you’ll see an option called “Rotate every x seconds”. Simply change this to the time interval you want (but if you have different categories for your quotes, make sure the right ones are selected for rotation or else they won’t appear).

  541. John Says:


    Stray Random Quotes is a fantastic plugin but I have the following problem.

    I have entered 3 quotes just to try and when the page loads, one quotes shows. When i click to see the next one or when it reloads automatically, I get the following errors:

    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /…/wp-settings.php on line 646

    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /…/wp-settings.php on line 661

    (I deleted the folder structure) and it goes all the way down to the end of the wp-settings.php

    When I reload the page, the first quotes shows fine but again the same problem.

    I use wordpress 2.9.2

    How can i solve this problem?



  542. shonari Says:

    Is there any way to add multiple quotes at once, maybe the option of choosing multiple blank fields or a csv/text upload

  543. 3dp Says:

    Is there anyway to get rid of the pause between quotes during the AJAX loader? I’d like it to be snappy.

  544. bentrem Says:

    It’s there in the configuration options. I have mine set for something like 15seconds.
    Have fun! You’ll find yourself yo-yoing between “too quick” and “too slow”, I promise. 😉

  545. 3dp Says:

    I know how about how long the quote show up, I’m looking for shortening the time between< the quotes.

  546. bentrem Says:

    Sorry, I misread. I don’t think that’s under program control. I think that’s a matter of the PC and the browser … JS execution time.

  547. 3dp Says:

    When I use [stray-all] I get an odd “1” displayed at the bottom of the list. Why? How do I get rid of it?

    I’ve checked the settings and I don’t have a “1” anywhere…

  548. Adam Says:

    Awesome – this does exactly what I need. Easy to manage too 🙂

    Thanks, it’s worked like a treat on our website. ^.^

  549. traumaturgist Says:

    I agree…it’s also a matter of the quality and speed of your connection at the time.

  550. 3dp Says:

    I’m getting a strange “1” at the end of a list of quotes when I use [stray-all]. It also occurs if I use it with a category. It doesn’t happen any other time. I’ve been pouring over the code and can’t seem to find where and why it’s coming from.

    I’ve done some testing and know it’s coming after the output is created.

  551. 3dp Says:

    Sorry… didn’t mean the double post.

  552. 3dp Says:

    I’m being a pest: I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to matter how many quotes are selected per page – I’m always getting 10. Anybody else?

  553. archiehaines Says:

    I have the same problem.
    Heeeeeeeeeeeelp. Please.

  554. James Borden Says:

    After going to use stray random quotes I found that selecting manage displayed a the filter at the top but no quotes (like others have reported, version 1.9.9). After reading the comments above I looked at the tables through PHPMyAdmin and saw that the column was named group, so renamed back to category and everything started to magically work.

  555. Top 20 Wordpress plugins to power up your blog – Top 20 plugins Every Blog Should Have | aTechAdviser Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes This plugin allows you to collect and display random quotes and words everywhere on your blog. The […]

  556. Designers' HQ » Top 60 incredibly useful WordPress plugins to power up your blog Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes Stray Random Quotes plugin helps you collect and display random quotes everywhere on your WordPress blog. The quotes can be reloaded on the blog with Ajax automation. The plugin is widget compatible, and the appearance of the quotes can be highly customized. It comes with an easy to use, advanced management tool and an option page. […]

  557. The Ultimate Hacker Says:

    […] Stray Random Quotes Stray Random Quotes plugin helps you collect and display random quotes everywhere on your WordPress blog. The quotes can be reloaded on the blog with Ajax automation. The plugin is widget compatible, and the appearance of the quotes can be highly customized. It comes with an easy to use, advanced management tool and an option page. […]

  558. James Borden Says:

    We are having issues with £ in the quotes – when the page first loads the £ is fine, however if you click to load another quote, or use the timer, any £ in the following quote is displayed as £ which feels like an encoding issue if it weren’t for the first page load displaying it correctly. Any suggestions?

  559. Kathi Sharpe Says:

    Hi, I have a question and am hoping that this comments/questions are still monitored! I installed stray quotes and LOVE it; it works fine despite an incompatibility warning for the current version of WordPress.

    Here’s what I have: a collection of quotes as a sidebar widget. These link (via “source”) to a main quotes page that displays all quotes.

    I want the sidebar widget quotes to look like this:

    Quote 1
    Source Link

    Quote 2
    Source Link

    And I want the main quotes page to look like this

    Quote 1

    Quote 2

    (the source link is removed)

    Is there a way to specify this via the shortcode (or any other way)?


  560. JohnS Says:

    Same problem, same version of WP. I see no replies to this issue from the developer or community. Did you ever get an answer to this?

  561. Ben Tremblay Says:

    You see no reples from the community? Surely you jest.

    As has been documented elsewhere in this thread, the dev dropped out of site summer of 2009.

  562. Ben Tremblay Says:

    s / dropped out of site / dropped out of sight. I guess subconciously the pun overwhelmed me.

  563. wilson dixon Says:

    Is there a way for a quote to be part of more than one category? Thanks.

  564. simone Says:

    great plugin.

    Is it possible to use it with the “Display widgets” plugins ?

    I’ve tried but it’s the only widget that doesn’t works with it.

  565. phej Says:

    I’m using Stray Random Quotes on and the first quote loads fine, but when it tries to load another it disappears and the area collapses.

    I’m not sure where to start trouble shooting, so I started with the plugin. Have you seen anything like this before?

  566. Anthony Navarro Says:

    Suggestion for a future release: allow quotes to be categorized under more than one category, so instead of a drop down use a checkbox.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

  567. Fredrik Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    How do I add a link into a quote? I have tried some, but the url only shows up incorrectly adding the current page in front of the url.

  568. Karmen Says:

    At the moment I am using random quotes in my header and another plugin to do my testimonials – only because they offer feature of having a form where users can add there own testimonials.

    Is there any way you could include a form function with your plugin? Your’s is the better plugin – but I really like the fnctionality of users adding their own trestimonials online – once the form is submitted it adds pending authorisation by admin (which I suppose would be where you can add category to it etc…???

    Anyway Just a feature I think would make this plugin perfect.

    Also if there was a way to edit the ID # or order of the quotes? (like be able to shuffle them…)

  569. Adam Bell Says:

    I’m having issues with the plugin involving links. Seems anything I attempt to link brings up extra \’s and thus linking from my clients’ site to any of the links produced in the plugin brings up 404 errors.

  570. carl Says:


    I am getting a \ before every ‘ in the quotes. I delete them but they keep coming back. Have you seen this before? Here is an example.

    “Human well-being is wrapped up with how food is produced. Ingenious systems were developed over the past century to supply food, with remarkable reliability, to a good portion of the world\’s 6.7 billion people. But these systems need a fundamental restructuring over the next few decades to establish sustainable food systems that both slow and are resilient to climate change.”



  571. Riccard Says:


    I’m building a site, where I’m trying to integrate quotes that changes depending on if the user is logged in or not with this command.

    Before logged in, I want to be able to get the user to sign up, and when he’s is registered, use the same space to give him hints and advice with different “quotes” or in this case (tip of the day)…

    Please let me know if this would be possible if of interest. I tried to implement it myself and I cannot imagine it being that hard, but I think it might be useful for more than myself – so I decided to suggest it.

    Kind Regards,
    /Riccard Linde

  572. bob Says:

    Did you get this to work?

  573. bob Says:

    It was the page navi…. no biggie…

  574. Kate Broughton Says:

    Are categories assigned a number, or do I use the actual category name when I want to put in a shortcode that selects all quotes from just one particular category? I have tried [stray-all category=”1″] and I have also tried by substituting the actual category name inside the quotation marks. Neither works. (Right now I have 3 categories, and 3 wordpress pages, each of which should display a separate category of quotes.) Thanks for the help!

  575. Kushdi Says:

    Hi, I am using your excellent program to display art quotes on a website. Ideally I want to be able to display images by each artist with thier quote.

    Is it possible to associate each random quote with an image? Or do you know of another plug-in that allows this?

  576. Richard Says:

    I am surprised no one has posted a reply to this request, but hey two years later aint too bad, right?

    Its not quite as robust as what danny is asking for, but if you want to limit the text of the rotating quotes, but not the ones on the page with all of them bullet listed here is how i did it:

    replaced line 338 with:
    $output .= ”.stray_output_one($get_one,$multi,$disableaspect,”true”).”;

    replaced line 457 with:
    function stray_output_one($get_one,$multi=NULL,$disableaspect=NULL,$fullpage=NULL) {

    replaced line 547 with:
    $output .= $beforeQuote;
    if($fullpage) $output .= nl2br($get_one->quote);
    else $output .= nl2br(stray_limit_text($get_one->quote,25));
    $output .= $afterQuote;

    added on line 638
    function stray_limit_text($text, $limit, $start = ”, $replace=”) {
    if(!$start) $start=0;
    $text = strip_tags($text);
    $words = str_word_count($text, 2);
    $pos = array_keys($words);

    if (count($words) > $limit) {
    $text = substr($text, $pos[$start], $pos[$limit]);
    if(!$replace) $text .= ‘ …’;
    else $text .= $replace;
    /*$firstword = strpos($text, ” “);
    $text = substr($text, $firstword);*/
    }else $text = substr($text, $pos[$start]);

    return $text;

  577. Richard Says:

    oops, forgot to mention that all that is done in inc/stray_functions.php

  578. Roxanne Ready Says:

    Hoping this plugin is still in development, as it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, the escape characters it inserts when saving a quote are making it unusable. It inserts one before every single and double quotation mark, which show up on the front-end. It also puts them in the Source field which makes everything link to the root of whatever page you’re looking at – i.e., which is obviously unusable.

  579. Steve Says:

    I love this plugin except there is one place where you have the “click for another quote” and there is a instead of a so that it doesn’t validate XHTML anymore 😉

  580. BruceD Says:

    Hello! I tried Stray Quotes on a client’s website and like the results except for one thing. After rotating quotes for 10 or 15 minutes, it hangs on “loading”. We are experiencing this issue on two computers at the client’s office, and two computers in my office. Can someone check it on their system and see if the issue shows up?

    There are about 150 quotes in the database. Is this too many?

    Thanks much!

  581. Steve Says:

    When I insert a quote with a quote or an apostrophe, your code does the appropriate addslashes before putting it in the database. When it’s displayed, however, the slash is still there, so it look’s like “look\’s”. Please add a stripslashes when fetching the quotes from the database.

  582. Roxanne Ready Says:

    Same issue as Steve.

  583. BruceD Says:

    I jost realized I gave you the incorrect URL on this post.

    Repeat –

    Hello! I tried Stray Quotes on a client’s website and like the results except for one thing. After rotating quotes for 10 or 15 minutes, it hangs on “loading”. We are experiencing this issue on two computers at the client’s office, and two computers in my office. Can someone check it on their system and see if the issue shows up?

    There are about 150 quotes in the database. Is this too many?

    Thanks much!

  584. Mio Says:

    Hello, it is possible to fix with some way encoding of specific chars in the quotes? One from six websites (apache + wordpress + sq plugin) works fine with special chars.. Five dont show specials chars like ščřžýě.. Solution? 🙂 Thx..

  585. Mio Says:

    Check MySQL log..

  586. Dirk Says:

    Thank you for creating and continuing development of Stray Random Quotes!

    I recently set up a new WP v3.1.3 site and, as I’m successfully used SRQ on a WP v2.1.7 site, thought I’d use it again here. However, I’m getting lots of PHP notices, mostly about undefined indexes and variables. I have WP_DEBUG set to true in wp-config.php. When I set this to false, the notices go away, but I can’t develop web sites with it turned off.

    I should add that SRQ does appear to work OK, but the notices are very annoying. If it’d help, I’d be more than happy to help out with a pristine development environment. Let me know.

    Thank you again for your efforts!

  587. aloeroot Says:

    Hi there – great plugin, thanks! Just one question – I’ve used the shortcode to put a list of all my quotes on this page: and as you can see, there’s a stray number 1 injected into the code at the bottom of the page. Can anyone suggest a spot where I might find the code that’s generating this stray numeral? Thanks.

  588. Liat Says:

    Hi there! Love your plugin!! How do I change the length of time that the quotes are visible for? I looked all over but can’t find that setting. Thank you!

  589. stacidavidson Says:

    James – I know you posted this awhile ago, but I just added this plugin and am experiencing the same thing, Every time I add a quote that includes an apostrophe, a \ (back-slash) is automatically added right before the apostrophe. Did you figure out how to fix it? Thanks!

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    Any help would be immensely appreciated!

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