Autotitle for WordPress

This WordPress plugin gives you the ability to automatically generate a title for your post, when at the moment of publishing no title has been given.

* The title is generated by the first sentence of the post;
* Few simple settings on a dedicated page will allow you to specify the criteria for this to happen (see screenshot below);
* Naturally it influences what the permalink will be like (that is if you use %postname% in it);
* You can decide to generate a title also when editing a post, again if the title is deliberately left empty.

This plugin is a must if you use WordPress posting content in one click and not looking back, and, in general, if you do not want –or care– to give titles to your posts, but you want the post permalinks to be a little more meaningful than just numbers.

Planning for the next versions: per-post ability to override the plugin (publishing your occasional titleless post).

Download from the WordPress Repository

The options page.

* 1.0.2 Fixed a problem with titles being generated when saving drafts even when “enable only when publishing” was selected.
* 1.0.1 Hopefully corrected a problem that would cause the media uploader not to work. Also made minor fixes to the code.
* 1.0.0 the plugin is created.


11 Responses to “Autotitle for WordPress”

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  9. T Says:

    This is so close to being perfect….and yet so far

    There needs to be an option to include a line break as a stopper, and html code also. As it stands now, if the title word count is set high enough it’ll skip right on past the first sentence, through html code, images, rivers-mountains-G-d-knows-what to grab the text after. Because of this, a person not using one of the standard stoppers in his first sentence will have to know the exact length of that sentence for every post, and then change the settings for autotitle after each post for it to work properly, unless he wants to set the title length short and settle for a truncated title.

    I love the idea for this plugin, I hope you develop it further, it could be a great time saver.

  10. inci Says:

    god bless wordpress :))

  11. Bijuteri Says:

    @inci; god bless wordpress ( =

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