…spare some change?

Correction does much, but encouragement does more.
— Wolfgang Goethe

Thousands use my plugins… If all of them gave me a dollar or a euro I’d be rich and I could finally afford to buy some of the dozens of books I have on my Amazon wishlist.

I never considered asking for change for my plugins until I realized that there are resourceful people out there who use them on websites that make money, so I thought, maybe they won’t object to throw a coin from their pile in my direction. After all I contributed in small part to their fortune.

Possibly even others who don’t make any money on the web, but are generous suckers like yours truly, would care to leave a tip. I will be profusely thankful to anyone that will.

Always because of that wishlist. Who said anything about being unemployed and carrying a bicycle too short for my size.

2 Responses to “…spare some change?”

  1. tw Says:

    where is the donate link?

  2. tw Says:

    Is the the same author of the Italy is Falling website?

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