Stray Quotes 1.9.9

This revision addresses few minor issues and makes little changes.
from the changelog:

* 1.9.9 Changed: the way locale files are loaded;
Changed: the way the settings page has to check validity of the URLs (hopefully more accurate now);
Changed: it is now not mandatory to include the variables in author or source links on the settings page;
Added: chapter in the Help page dedicated to solving potential HTTPS problems (thanks to Andy for helping with this);
Fixed: replacement of & char in the links (thanks to Ian for pointing this out).

As always, you can download from the WordPress repository.

So we got to version 1.9.9.
I welcome suggestions on what new feature(s) should version 2 have.
Recently tagging and different layout settings for each widget were asked for. In the past, some asked for the ability to add images to the quotes. If you care, feel free to share your ideas about this. Here or on the plugin main page. Thanks!

I am also looking for translators! They must be willing to keep their localization regularly updated… Stray Random Quotes has only four localizations, some of them (such as Chinese) quite not up do date. So if you’re willing to volunteer, whatever language it is that you know, come forward. Thanks!


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31 Responses to “Stray Quotes 1.9.9”

  1. Ray Says:


    Nice work on the plugin!

    I’ve run into a bug. I’m using the PHP function.

    If you disable AJAX and you leave the “another quote »” variable blank (eg. ”), the quote will not show up.

    Is this done by design?

  2. Ray Says:

    Actually it appears just disabling the AJAX option will not make the quote show up…

  3. ico Says:

    @Ray: I can’t reproduce the problem. What PHP function are you using? Can you past it here with all the variables?

  4. Ray Says:

    I’m using this:

    Disabling AJAX in the admin area will do the same thing.

    FYI, I’m using WPMU 2.8.1 to test.
    It could also be a plugin conflict with something else… though I’m not 100% sure.

  5. Ray Says:

    Just thought of a feature request.

    Let’s say I set the variable for $timer to “5”, but I only have one quote in a category.
    The timer should not auto-rotate every five seconds unless there is more than one quote in the defined $categories section.

  6. Thomas Says:

    Hi ico,

    Thanks for the great work!

    I am using it on a German website. I generated a page and inserted [stray-all]. Everything is fine except these things:

    1. Where can I translate “Next” and “Previous” for the links to the pages? It is not in the language file.

    2. I have at the moment two pages only; when I am on the second one, the link to the previous says “Previous 2” but it has to be “Previous 1”. What is the problem?

    3. I want to insert “” after the quote at output of [stray-all]. Where to insert this?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,


  7. Blog Scromple » Yet mo mods Says:

    […] – Added: Added in the code to display a random quote. This is using the Stray Random Quotes plugin. Thisis done as I don’t want to do anything with the quote area through the Widgets […]

  8. Tanner Williamson Says:

    First of all I want to thank you for your plugin, which is superb. I do want to provide some feedback in the interest of contributing my synergy towards your project for the betterment of the plugin and enjoyment of it’s users

    Here are my two Abe Lincolns. The only way to create new categories is to do it when editing or adding a specific quote. The only way to remove or rename a specific category is to create a new quote with the destination category first, and then to “bulk action” a move from the old category to the new category from the management page.

    I think that there needs to be a better and more direct way to manage categories and category slugs. There needs to be a page specifically for this, to include (but not limited to) the options of:
    -editing category title
    -edit category slug (independent of the title)
    -Merge categories
    -Split categories
    -create category descriptions (for internal, as well as external/public display, if/when configured to do so).
    -create quote tags, for large quote databases

    Also, the specifying of a Source, Source URL, and Author, Author URL is not very straight forward.

    I would like to suggest you make a radio box option next to each of the following, with the value of enabled, or disabled.

    -Author Stage Name
    -Author Real Name
    -Author URL
    -Source URL
    -Source Description
    -Make URL’s Links, or just plain non-linked text

    Also, this would be an awesome option: Short URL account integration (with link tracking enabled via appended URL Value &history=1), allowing users to enter their username and API key for ShortURL generation and association for the destination URL’s when enabled as links.

    I also noticed a bug. When I disable the AJAX loader, StrayQuotes will only load quotes from my first quote category, ever, and will never randomly load quotes from any other category.

    A temporary work around for this is to simply put all quotes into one category, thus ensuring that the first and only category when called will rotate through all quotes.

    I have also posted a copy of this suggestion on my website. Thank you for your time.

  9. Jason Says:

    Thanks for this plugin. I’m actually using it so a client can easily add testimonials from his customers.

    I’d like to retrieve the total number of ‘active’ testimonials and output that to the top of the testimonial page. What would be the code to do that?

    If it helps, I’m a PHP beginner, so you can skip some of the basic stuff. I just need something like…

    <? echo $stray(count(active)) ?>

    (yeah, that’s definitely not right, lol)

  10. Brandon Says:

    I have a problem witht he shortcode insert. I tried it on a running blog with no luck, so I started a new installation of wordpress (2.8.4) and the most recent stray quote plugin (1.9.9). Fresh install, nothing but the defaults on everything. no theme, no other plugins, nothing. So I am at a loss for why the simple [quote id=1] shortcode doesn’t work in a post. Any help?

  11. Oldie Says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for this plugin!

    I’ve tweaked version 1.9.9 so that one can search for quotes on the “Manage” page (by a single keyword/phrase). If you’re interested, I can send you my code so that you can include it into the next version. (And I won’t need to hack each new release all over again, he-he.)

  12. Michael Says:

    Hi Ico,

    thanks for this cool plugin! I installed it the other day and tested it with some quotes in german with some special characters (ä, ö, ü, ß).

    I noticed a very interesting behavior: Whenever I reLOAD the page to bring a new quote upfront, all works fine and also the special characters are displayed as they should.
    If I click on the quote instead to load a new quote, the special character display becomes distorted and shows funny character combinations and/or needs quite some time to load a new quote.

    Would you have any ideas how it comes to this behaviour?

    Thanks, Michael

  13. tw Says:

    Is this site owner the same person of ItalyisFalling?

  14. Harvie Says:

    latest WP + latest stray random quotes:

    can’t add quotes in wp configuration page (displaying works well)

    when trying to add quote redirected to page:
    which says:
    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    i have checked file permissions and everything similar

  15. J Says:

    Hey, thanks for this great plugin. Very flexible.
    The only thing I cannot figure out is how to make the widget to display the newest quote. If I uncheck the “random” checkbox in the widget configuration, it seems always to display… the second oldest quote (from those marked as visible; looks a bit wierd, I was expecting rather the oldest or newest). Any idea how to get the newest quote?

  16. bentrem Says:

    It seems Ico has been silent since summer of 2010 …
    … no idea what happened to him.

  17. bentrem Says:

    That’s wrong. I mean summer 2009.

  18. Max Nomad Says:

    Greetings, all,

    First and foremost, I think the plugin is great. I’m using it both for random quotes and for client testimonials on my website. The only problem I’ve run into is the AJAX Loader. AJAX seems to be working fine but it shows “loading…” and hangs whenever it tries to load another quote. The rest of the page works fine but where the quote should be it just shows ‘loading…’

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? I’m currently using WordPress 2.9.2. Thanks in advance…

  19. Oldie Says:

    @Max Nomad: The plugin — including its AJAX-based update feature — works fine on my blog (currently running WordPress 2.9.2). Make sure you don’t have any conflicts between AJAX-enabled plugins.

  20. Max Nomad Says:

    As a matter of fact, I just figured out the problem. The permissions on that folder were somehow set to WORLD WRITEABLE. I reset it to 755 and it’s working fine now.

  21. Aroy Says:

    Thanks for the cool plugin. But I recently ran in to a problem. Hopefully you have a solution.

    I am using [stray-all categories=default] to display all the entries from the “default” category only. and it works. But the problem is a digit 1 (yes, the digit “1” ) is being appended at the end of the text. It looks something like the following –

    Some text here Lorem Ipsum etc …..

    * Quote #1 here
    * Quote #2 here


    Some text here Lorem Ipsum etc …..


    Did you notice the Digit “1” just below the quotation list? I have no idea where it came from. May be you can help.



  22. Oldie Says:

    @Aroy: That’s the page number. If you only have/need one page, you can turn off page navigation like this:

    [stray-all categories=default fullpage=false]

  23. Albinal Says:

    Hello, Great plug-in! One problem I can’t seem to understand though. When adding a link on an author or source I’m getting unwanted slashes put it. This only happens when I save it. So, instead of <a href="www. I'm getting <a href=\"www. – Subsequently the links don't work.

    If you could answer that and also show me how to open those links in a new window I'll be very pleased. Many thanks!

  24. Albinal Says:

    Forget the new window bit… I can obviously do that with HTML once it works! Doh! :-/

  25. georgwp Says:

    According to the site, localizations including my own is not up-to-date. As a matter of fact, my Danish translation which has been around for may a year is up-to-date. It is available here: Stray Random Quotes in Danish

  26. georgwp Says:

    Any change, that Stray Random Quotes could be made xHTML compatible? I have a link in the source field. Stray Random Quotes continues to add an escape character each time it is saved. See, which has two widgets introduced by “Sagt om”.

  27. Zaposlitev Says:

    rwlvyoxgcpstwmporeix, zaposlitev, xbtkJCy.

  28. shorty Says:

    good..nice work
    tnx 4 plugin


  29. Riccard Says:


    I’m building a site, where I’m trying to integrate quotes that changes depending on if the user is logged in or not with this command.

    Before logged in, I want to be able to get the user to sign up, and when he’s is registered, use the same space to give him hints and advice with different “quotes” or in this case (tip of the day)…

    Please let me know if this would be possible if of interest. I tried to implement it myself and I cannot imagine it being that hard, but I think it might be useful for more than myself – so I decided to suggest it.

    Kind Regards,
    /Riccard Linde

  30. Rich Hinkle Says:

    I have just installed the “Stray Random Quotes”, Version 1.9.9 plugin and love the versatility of this plugin. It has the functionality I have been looking for.

    I do have one problem. I am trying to have the quotes load in a specific ascending order according the the quoteID. I am using the following shortcode:

    [stray-random categories=test sequence=true orderby=quoteID sort=asc timer=3]

    The proper quotes display, but they are still displaying in random order. The help files say the setting the sequence=true variable will display them in the order requested, which I set by the orderby=quoteID variable.

    I have played with the shortcode alot, but without success in displaying the quotes in order.

    Would you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

  31. rogersoles Says:

    The number of quotes I have has gotten large (very large) and I wanted to remove duplicates — so I ran this SQL:

    create table {{table_prefix}}stray_quotes_tmp like {{table_prefix}}stray_quotes;

    alter table {{table_prefix}}stray_quotes_tmp add unique (quote(512),author);

    insert ignore into {{table_prefix}}stray_quotes_tmp select * from {{table_prefix}}stray_quotes;

    rename table {{table_prefix}}quotes to {{table_prefix}}quotes_save, {{table_prefix}}stray_quotes_tmp to {{table_prefix}}stray_quotes;

    You could just drop the old table rather than rename it — but I wanted to make sure things worked.

    Also, by leaving the unique constraint on the new table you won’t get any more duplicates (unless you have typos).

    A “remove” duplicate function would be a nice addition to the plug in; and I’d recommend adding the constraint to try and prevent duplicates (with a little nicer error message than it failed)…

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