Stray Random Quotes 1.9.6 is out

This revision addresses a couple of compatibility issues raised by conflicts with other plugins and the slightly different way the new WordPress 2.8 has to load javascript.

From the changelog:

Changed: For compatibility with other plugins that use similar or too common names for their shortcodes (above all NextGen gallery), the shortcodes of Stray Random Quotes have changed names. Please take note before worrying about malfunctions: random-quote is now stray-random, all-quotes is now stray-all and quote is now stray-id. Please make the appropriate changes everywhere in your blog where Stray Random Quotes shortcodes are used, or they won’t work anymore.
Sorry about this, I hoped and tried to implement a more clever automatic check on the active shortcodes but unfortunatley many plugins don’t register theirs correctly and it is not possible from inside a wordpress plugin to identify them with certainty.
Fixed: some of the settings got reset upon activation because of a comparison based on version number that for unknown reasons did not work. Possibly a PHP bug. I disabled the comparison and the problem should not present itself anymore, although it might cause issues to users who upgrade from very old versions of the plugin.
Fixed: a compatibility issue with WordPress 2.8 in conjunction with other plugins that loaded jquery (as experienced by many with Ozh Admin Drop Menu+Stray Random Quotes). I welcome anyone’s feedback on this since I haven’t tested the fix in all possible scenarios and other problems might be lurking around.

( Let me just add that I find quite absurd the position of some plugin authors who always maintain that conflicts between plugins don’t concern them. For them, it is always up to the other author to solve the problem: the other author is the guilty one. Whether this can be true or not (and many times it isn’t), they don’t seem to care if they leave the user out in the lurch, which on the contrary is the only thing that matters. This is not how we do here, anyway. )

Version 1.9.6 can be downloaded here, or on the WordPress Plugin Repository.


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