Stray Random Quotes 1.9.4 (and 1.9.5)

I feel good about this revision.

I felt good about this revision until I found a tiny bug that caused a javascript error in IE. The bug was small but it caused me to issue version 1.9.5 right away, lest too many of you guys were to download version 1.9.4. in the meantime. Actually by the time 1.9.5 was out already at least 350 users had downloaded 1.9.4 from the WordPress Repository. Sorry about it.

The good points of 1.9.4 are still valid though. For starters, I caught a pretty nasty bug that caused AJAX not to work in Firefox when Stray Random Quotes was the only plugin loading jQuery on WordPress (if that makes any sense to you).
I still don’t know the reason for the bug but I fixed which is enough. So if you experienced problems with AJAX in the past please try this version, there’s a chance the problems are over.

I squashed other little bugs as well, did some code rewriting, verified all the localization lines (some of the maintainers still have to update their localizations though).

As for the new things, the plugin has now Danish localization, thanks to Georg. Also it is now possible to disable the aspect settings (from the “how the quotes look” section of the settings page) from each widget, shortcode or template tag: I think this is a welcome feature for those who use the plugin in more than one area of their blog. For example you might have a series of quotes in the sidebar via a widget, and another series showing up as random taglines in your header. In such a case it might be a good idea to disable the aspect settings in the second series, where the only thing left would be a space between quote and author or source.

in picture: the new “disable aspect” setting in the widget

More importantly, the plugin is now accessible to contributors of your blog. In other word, those users who are not administrators but are enabled to create and edit posts can now be allowed to create and edit quotes. You can enable this feature in the settings page of the plugin.
Please note: To implement this functionality the quotes table in the database has to be manipulated (a ‘user’ field is added to it). It is a one-time safe operation that happens automatically upon activation, but you might want to consider backing up the database before you upgrade just to be on the safe side.

in picture: how quotes from a contributor appear in admin management page.

The new version can be downloaded from this page.
It is all for now, hope you enjoy it.


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