Stray Random Quotes 1.9.2

A new version of Stray Random Quotes is out. It fixes few important bugs and rewrites some parts of the admin pages to make them more readable and usable.

More importantly, after reading the Top 10 Characteristics of a Great WordPress Plugin by Thaya Kareeson, I added a simple way to reset the options to factory defaults. His top 10 is almost entirely fulfilled by Stray Random Quotes now.
Here’s the changelog:

Added: ability to reset the settings to factory defaults (in the Tools page). Changed: parts of the settings page. Also changed and expanded: the help page (much more readable now) (You must know at this point that there is NOT another wordpress plugin with such a exhaustive embedded help page). Fixed: the [quote] shortcode and the stray_a_quote template tag wouldn’t work with PHP 4. Thanks to Kathryn and Nathan for poiting out this bug and testing the fix. Fixed: Nasty bug that caused the settings in the tools page (such as the bookmarklet options or the shortcode extensions) to be reset whenever the user updated the options in the settings page.

You can grab version 1.9.2 here.


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