Stray Random Quotes 1.8.8


— In picture: the new widget options

The new version 1.8.8 of Stray Random Quotes is out, for the moment only available on this blog.
Big changes and improvements this time. From the changelog:

Added: the quotes can now rotate automatically after a given interval of seconds. Added: widgets and template tags can load more than one quote at a time; Added: the loading message can now be customized in the settings page; Added: Croatian translation thanks to Rajic; Changed: the help page has been rewritten in large part. Changed: removed the title options in the settings page, that were useless. Fixed: the loading message does not cause the collapsing of the quote area anymore. Fixed: many minor bugs. This version rewrites most of the code of the core functions, merging a great deal of lines and hopefully making the plugin more efficient.

Grab the new Stray Random Quotes here.


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