Stray Random Quotes 1.8.5

This is a major update. From the changelog:

Added: bulk editing to the management page; added: a dedicated Tools Page where fantastic things can be achieved (such as a bookmarklet and the ability to extend shortcodes to new areas of the blog, which in turn will allow you to have random quotes and words in unexpected locations); added: per-widget and per-tag ability to disable ajax; changed: the way the [random-quote] shortcode works (now accepts much more variables); fixed: pagination of the [all-quotes] shortcode (thanks to frettsy). There are other enhancements and quite enough minor bugs fixed. So much of the innovation with this version is thanks to the suggestions and requests of the users, to them goes my most sincere gratitude.

You can grab it here.

Two important notes: First, please be advised, as the changelog recites, that the random-quote shortcode has changed, and if you used it with variables in the past there’s a chance it won’t work when you upgrade. Consult the Help page from the plugin menu for more.

Second, I know there is a poll open and some of you voted for a new feature (images with the quotes), that is still not implemented. But the thing is, bulk actions where ready and it seemed a pity not to make the plugin public at this stage. Besides, the poll turned out to be not very much voted, and not unequivocal. Also, images with the quotes is a pretty hard feature to implement the way I want it be, so it will take more time.


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