don't mess with my poll

I recently opened a poll to learn what the users would want for the next version of Stray Random Quotes, but what happened is that someone, apparently very concerned to prevent the next function to be “image uploading along with the quotes”, tampered with the poll.

This someone (from Germany) deleted cookies and changed ip (but not the provider) in order to be able to cast a vote for 24 times in 30 minutes. Since I am not having this many voters on that poll to begin with, the thing was pretty noticeable and obvious.

So, what was I supposed to do, I deleted all the polluting votes from this someone. I will close the poll if I have just a hint of more tampering. Sorry for being so teachery about it, but, you know. It’s my game.

Remains the question: why should it be so crucial what the next function of some plugin is going to be, to make someone go through the motions of deleting cookies, disconnecting, reconnecting, vote and again for 24 times? You see, my life is fairly empty right now. I am laid off, my love life sucks, soon I will be forced to move I don’t know where, and all in all I am kind of depressed (which -ahem- accounts for how much updated are my plugins now). But even my life is not that empty. C’mon.


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