Stray Random Quotes 1.8.2

Well, this time I am pretty positive that most of the bugs have been killed and, hopefully, a new revision won’t be needed for a while!

So, grab the latest here. And here’s the changelog:

Added: the ability to entirely disable the ajax automation in the settings page. Added: the ability for those who add the quotes directly to the template, to also specify a “next quote” link phrase (see help page). Fixed: the loading of new quotes didn’t work when no categories were selected. Fixed: Switching from “default” category wouldn’t work with new quotes (thanks to AgentSmith for pointing this bug out.) Fixed: weird little things happening when the quotes were loaded not randomly and not from the widget with one category only. Changed: I removed from the set of files of the plugins the “lang” folder since it contained only a copy of the english version. It will be reinstated when someone will finally translate this plugin.


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