stray random quotes and ajax: 1.8.0

This new version of Stray Random Quotes finally comes with ajax support. The end user will be able to fetch more quotes without refreshing the page (ajax on the admin side is in the works for the next future).
From the changelog:

Not only this version corrects the problems of the previous versions but for the first time it comes with ajax automation. For this achievement, many thanks go to the incredible contribution of AgentSmith who with generosity and great ability helped to develop this functionality and bypass the obstacles its implementation represented. Now the user will be able to dynamically fetch another quote and display it on the blog, without refreshing the page.The quote can be reloaded either by clicking on it, or with a custom link. Also, fixed in this version: the widget displaying only its title and not the quote. I eventually came to realize that this was a problem that presented itself when only one group was selected in the widget options: finally I could fix it. Fixed: adding a link to the author or the source compromised the ability of the “add new” page to present the same quote again. The discovery of this bug also thanks to the outstanding contribution of AgentSmith.

Please note that this version 1.8.0 is for the moment released for the users of my blog only and cannot be found on the WordPress Repository. You can grab it here.


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