stray random quotes 1.7.9

ok, 1.7.8 was a disaster, i hope not too many downloaded it or used it much— anyway, the fix is out, hopefully, etc.
here’s the changelog:

Following the crash of the previous version, I am forced to issue another fixing version– In case you were involved in the accident, here’s what happened: wanting to change “groups” to “categories”, I ventured in an SQL operation that in certain cased created a duplicated column… I don’t know why, since in other cases worked without a problem. Doesn’t matter. Furthermore, in version 1.7.8 I changed the names of certain options related to groups, but forgot to do so upon activation. This involved widgets as well. Because of all this, many users reported not being able to browse their quotes and even to display quotes on the blog using widgets. This version should fix all this and also remove the duplicate column in your database. Please deactivate before installing (if you don’t upgrade automatically). To make a clean install, you might want consider removing the old options (using the plugin “remove” tool. I know it is annoying and you don’t really have to do it) and backup the “wp_stray_quotes” table. It is not required but at this point, why not. I must thank for the precious help in (hopefully) understanding this matter: xensen and Andre Camara. Thanks also to Rebecca, Sab Guy, Bonnie and Jason for reporting the problem in a timely fashion.


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