stray random quotes 1.7.8

is another update. Grab it here, and here’s the changelog:

* 1.7.8 Another hassle-fixing version while new functions are in the works. Fixed: the UTF8 support __again__, because the previous fix didn’t work. Now it does work as far as I can tell! Fixed: the navigation within quotes in the all-quotes shortcode. Big thanks to Frettsy for pointing this bug out. Changed: the default “group” in the widget in case for some reason the widget is saved without any group selected. Instead of taking quotes from the “default” group the widget will take them from all the groups. Changed: “groups” are now called “categories”. I think “groups” was a lame nomenclature to organize quotes with. “Categories” probably is even lamer. However, to have a column called “group” in a SQL table can create problems if for some reason backticks are forgotten. This change will affect only one thing for you, the use of the all-quotes shortcode with its options (more on the help page). Changed: the overview page is slightly more informative. Is all.


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