Stray Random Quotes 1.7.6

As often happens I forgot to announce that a new version of stray random quotes was out. In case you have missed it, here: 1.7.6
Here’s the changelog:

Added: ability to manually reset the index of the quotes if the numbers get too high (on the help page). Added: an overriding HTML element to put before the source when there is no author (on the settings page). Fixed: it is now impossible for group names to have spaces in them– because it made things wacky (on the new and manage pages). If you do have spaces in the names of any of your groups, upon activation this version will replace them with dashes (don’t worry about it, everything else will be untouched). Changed: when all the quotes are rendered on a post or a page, only the bottom navigation links will be present. I think the above ones were redundant. If you want them back, uncomment the line 304 in the file stray_functions.php. Changed: Now the user can choose whether after inserting a new quote the values should persist in the form or not (settings page)(thanks to AgentSmith for pointing this out). Fixed: titles of the pages are a little more explicative. Fixed: when switching how many quotes to show per page, the page number is reset to 1 to avoid false ‘”no quotes yet” messages (manage page). Fixed: few more little things.


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