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NOTE: Right now this plugin is discontinued because there are much better plugins out there than this one.

This plugin counts how many times a file is being downloaded from your wordpress blog and lets you display the total number of downloads on its pages. It also includes a management page with the total amounts of downloads for each file, and the possibility to reset to zero the counters if needed.
It’s simple and it works.

Download latest version

» Simple Download Counter 0.8b
~  downloads since July 27 2007


v. 0.8b There was a problem with the confirmation button after trying to reset a value in the table of the downloads. It went on resetting even if the user clicked ‘cancel’. Now solved.
v. 0.8 Implemented a page in the ‘Manage’ submenu with a complete list of the files that are being downloaded and the number of times they have been downloaded so far. Included is the possibility to reset the counter to zero for any given file. This update includes also a number of small fixes.
v. 0.6 fixed the showCount function. It failed to show the number of downloads. Now it should work properly.
v. 0.5 first release.


In action on the blog

A glimpse of the management page

A glimpse of the option page

Installation & Usage

— FTP the “download_counter” folder to your “wp-content/plugins” directory;
— Activate the plugin;
— Go to its option page and enter the name of the folder where you keep the files to be downloaded;
— Change the download link to a special one that allows the plugin to count the times a file is downloaded;
— Consult the total downloads from your database or display it on the pages of your blog.

All the instructions you need will be on the option page as soon as you activate the plugin.


5 Responses to “Simple Download Counter”

  1. Rob Says:

    WP Download Monitor does the same thing, and supports counting pretty much any link (could be a download, but could also be an external link).

  2. ico Says:

    Well, that’s good to know. Maybe when I’ll reach version 1.5 too, who knows?

  3. joe Says:

    I need some help.. I can’t get this to work… can you contact me?

  4. joe Says:

    what does it mean to format my links to downloader.php?file= how do I format a download to do that?

  5. Webmaster Resources Says:

    Nice Plugin..
    Gonna install it right now.

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